Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 372

Chapter 372 To Ask Straight To The Face

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"Ok." Upon hearing this, Si Hans tightly frowned eyebrows loosened.

Perhaps he couldnt care for Lin Wanwan as much as he did for Lin Xiao. However, she was, after all, his own artiste. He wouldnt leave her on her own.

Based on how similar she and Lin Xiao were, he would also try his best to take care of her more. This was probably called loving one thing on account of another.

He understood he had such a mentality, and that was why Si Han didnt want Lin Wanwan to become Lin Xiaos substitute.

Lu Zhanbei had said something that was right. Regardless if it was Lin Xiao or Lin Wanwan, both of them were unique.

"Youre still underage right now and not fit to fall in love."

"I understand." Lin Wanwan nodded.

"Then lets leave it at that for now."

Seeing Si Hans back view disappear, Lin Wanwan gave a long sigh.

Si Han, sorry.

She didnt know that her death had actually caused such serious hurt to Si Han.

At this moment, Lin Wanwan suddenly remembered the words she said when she was being interviewed by the reporter in her previous life.

"Im most afraid that all of you will forget about me if I disappear from this world one day. I wish that all of you could remember me forever. That way, it would prove that I didnt lead my life for nothing."

At that time, she just didnt want the people she loved and the people who loved her to forget her.

Now that she thought about it, she was simply too selfish.

When she died, everything ended. The people who survived were the ones in torment.

Perhaps she should tell Si Han the truth. However would he believe it?

If she had not personally encountered such an incredible thing, she would not have believed it no matter what.

Lin Wanwan left the winery with a heavy heart. She didnt return to the condominium but hailed a taxi to Yun Mansion.

She was very curious about why her properties were under Lu Zhanbeis name and decided to ask him straight to his face.

The taxi was forced to stop a few hundred meters away from Yun Mansion. Lin Wanwan could only walk in by herself.

Thankfully, the bodyguard at the first guard post saw her and immediately called Uncle Ying.

Very quickly, the driver from Yun Mansion drove over and sent her to the main gate.

"Ms. Lin, welcome." Uncle Ying gave an elegant greeting.

Lin Wanwan returned a shy smile to him. "Is Lu Zhanbei around?"

"Sirs not back yet. Do you want me to contact him?"

"No need. Ill just wait for him." If Lu Zhanbei had something on, wouldnt she be disturbing him? Anyway, she had a lot of time in her hands recently.

Lin Wanwan sat on the sofa in the living room. As she drank coffee, she dug out a few magazines from under the table. She realized that they were all related to finance and economics and placed them back down, uninterested.

"Uncle Ying, can I wait for him in the bedroom?" Heh heh, she was feeling a little lazy now and wanted to lie down.

"You can."

Uncle Ying had already given Lu Zhanbei a call previously. Lu Zhanbei had something on and couldnt step away. He told him to entertain Lin Wanwan well and to satisfy all her needs.

Lin Wanwan reached the bedroom. She lay on the big and soft bed, then switched on the television.

The television station was broadcasting "Hello, My Sunshine."

Lin Wanwan recalled that she hadnt watched it yet and thus didnt switch channels.

Uncle Ying had sent up some desserts for her. She ate them while watching the show. She did not know how much time had passed; four episodes of the show had finished playing but Lu Zhanbei was still not back yet.

"Its already 5:30 pm" Lin Wanwan muttered. She switched off the television and started to play with her mobile.

After playing for half a day, she started to feel sleepy. Gradually, she tilted her head and fell asleep.

Night had fallen. When the clock struck 8 pm, light footsteps sounded from outside the door.