Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 373

Chapter 373 Shock No This Was Impossible

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The door squeaked open.

The light from the corridor entered the room. It lengthened the mans shadow. Slowly walking forward, he came to the bed.

Lu Zhanbei slowly sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Lin Wanwans quiet, sleeping face.

She seemed to be dreaming. Her delicate eyebrows frowned slightly at times, then loosened. The man subconsciously softened his eyebrows at the rich changes of her expressions.

He slowly reached out and gently brushed away the few messy strands of hair from her face.

"Lin Wanwan"

Lu Zhanbei whispered her name and slowly lowered his head. He kissed that pair of delicate red lips.

However, as his lips fell, he heard Lin Wanwan uttering something in a low voice. "Si Han"

Lu Zhanbeis handsome face turned dark instantly.

This woman was actually lying on his bed and calling out another mans name?!

Just as Lu Zhanbei was seriously considering if he should strangle this disloyal woman to death

Lin Wanwan suddenly shouted in anger in her sleep, "You have no conscience at all! We have fought alongside each other for so many years. Not only are you occupying my winery now, you even want to buy my properties! Are you going to sleep with my husband or hit my baby next? You wait, Ill beat you to death now!"

"" Upon hearing this, Lu Zhanbei could not help but roll his eyes at her. So, she was sleep talking.

The Lin Wanwan now was wrinkling her nose and looking dissatisfied. She was simply cute. Lu Zhanbei curved his lips in silence and was about to touch her head.

Suddenly, his face changed!

Wait, what did she say just now?

She had fought alongside Si Han for many years her winery and properties


These were all Lin Xiaos. The one who fought alongside Si Han was also Lin Xiao!

Why did she say that Lin Xiaos things were hers?

Could it be No, this was impossible!

Lu Zhanbeis face kept changing. He felt more and more mysteries in his heart, and he couldnt understand them.


At this moment, Lin Wanwan woke up. As she had a long dream, she had been sleeping a little unsteadily and her temples were aching.

She lifted her hand and rubbed her temples. In a daze, she looked at Lu Zhanbei, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, and lazily sat up. "Youre finally back. Ive waited for you for so long."

Lu Zhanbei was still immersed in the words Lin Wanwan had said as she was sleep talking. He took a deep breath and planned to ask the doubts in his heart directly.

"Lin Wanwan, I"

"Lu Zhanbei, I"

Both of them started to speak and then stop at the same time.

There was a sense of dj vu.

"Chuckle!" Lin Wanwan laughed. She didnt notice his strange expression. "My matters more urgent. Listen to me first?"

Although Lu Zhanbei wanted to ask her for an answer immediately, he still held back.


Lin Wanwan thought about how she must not reveal that she was Lin Xiao. She deliberated on her words and said, "I went to find Si Han this afternoon and he was preparing to transfer ownership of properties. I saw that you were selling those properties to him. Is that correct?"

Lu Zhanbeis eyes flashed. "Correct."

"Why do you want to sell those assets away? You dont want them anymore?"

Lu Zhanbei noticed the eagerness that flashed past her eyes. His heart added another layer of suspicion and he nodded quietly.

"Yes, I have too many properties, so its better to get rid of some of them."

"" This answer was deserving of a beating.

Lin Wanwans eyes turned and she had a casual expression. "Can I ask, where did you buy them from? Dont think too much. I just thought that the locations not bad. When I earn enough money, I want to buy one too."