Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 374

Chapter 374 Lu Zhanbei Forms Doubt 1

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Lu Zhanbei looked at her and his eyes squinted slightly.

Her performance now made him think of a phrase the more one tried to hide, the more one was exposed.

Lin Wanwan seemed to care about the origin of these properties

Lu Zhanbei suppressed the chaotic emotions in his heart and explained as if nothing had happened. "These were the properties my friend had left behind when she died. She was an orphan. Her death was sudden, and she didnt make a will in time. According to Xia countrys politics, the assets belonged to the country. Then, I bought them over."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan was stunned. A hint of complication flashed past her face. "So its like this."


"This is too unfair. On what basis did my oh no, your friends hard-earned assets get confiscated by the government?!"

If she had known earlier, she would have done up a will and allocated everything to her one and only friend, Si Han.

Seeing Lin Wanwans anger gradually change to disappointment, Lu Zhanbeis heart tightened.

At this moment, even if he was very calm, his eyes could not control the hint of shock that flashed past them.

Even if he just listened to her tone alone, she was simply the living Lin Xiao!

Why did she say that Lin Xiaos things were hers?

Why did she care so much about those properties?

The answer seemed to be very clear


How could this have happened?!

On the other end, Lin Wanwan recalled how she had fought so long and hard to finally get some assets, only to have them all confiscated in the end. She could not help but feel sad and didnt notice Lu Zhanbeis changing expressions.

After being sad for a long while, she pretended to ask, "Oh right, whos that friend of yours? Is it convenient for me to gossip?"

The things were all hers. However, she didnt know Lu Zhanbei at all in her previous life. This was strange.

"" Lu Zhanbei didnt say anything but just looked at her deeply. His eyes were dark and difficult to understand.

The way he looked at her gave her goosebumps. "Whats whats wrong?"

Lu Zhanbei stood up and looked as calm as ever. "Ill tell you again next time. Its late. You should sleep."

"Dont!" In a moment of panic, Lin Wanwan pulled his arm. "Dont you know that curiosity killed the cat? If you dont tell me the answer, Ill definitely suffer from insomnia!"

Lu Zhanbei gave her a side glance and raised his eyebrows. "That serious?"


He smiled plainly. "Why are you so interested in who my friend was? Is it purely because of curiosity?"

"Yes" Lin Wanwan racked her brains to come up with excuses. "A womans sixth sense is telling me that your friend must be a woman. I want to see if you have anything to do with other women."

Lu Zhanbei stared at her expression and he gradually cast a meaningful glance.

It looked like she was not planning to take the initiative and tell the truth. Even if he asked, she might not necessarily answer.

After a while, Lu Zhanbei patted her head. "Dont worry. One Lin Wanwan is enough for me to love. I dont have energy left in me to provoke other women."

Seeing that he was not going to answer it positively, Lin Wanwan wanted to scratch her ears and cheeks in embarrassment.

Lu Zhanbei didnt give her a chance to ask further. As he walked out, he left behind a sentence. "Go and sleep. I still have something to attend to. Once Im done, if youre still so insistent, Ill tell you of it again."

" Ok." Lin Wanwan also understood that she wouldnt be able to get some answers today and could only nod sulkily.


Lu Zhanbei closed the bedroom door and made his way to the study room. He pulled open the white window curtains and lit a cigarette. It didnt go out like before. Instead, he gently blew out a mouthful of smoke.