Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 375

Chapter 375 Lu Zhanbei Forms Doubt 2

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He knew that Lin Xiao didnt like the smell of cigarettes.

He knew that before Lin Xiao passed away, she had known Si Han for eight years, nine months, and three days.

He knew every stock and every property that Lin Xiao had owned

Because he cared about her, he had collected every bit of information about Lin Xiaos life.

He could say with certainty that Lin Xiao didnt know Lin Wanwan. In fact, these two people didnt share any relationship at all.

Why was Lin Wanwan so concerned about Lin Xiaos matters and even said that Lin Xiaos things were hers?

Only one explanation seemed to make sense for these questions Lin Wanwan was Lin Xiao!

Lu Zhanbei stared at the moon outside the window. Long cigarette ashes had already formed between his fingers.

As his heart formed unbelievable speculations one after another, his eyes were constantly changing.

Could it be that Lin Xiao didnt die that year? Could it be that her looks were ruined after being in a car accident, and thus, she changed her face to Lin Wanwans?

No, that didnt make sense either.

Even if she had done cosmetic surgery to become Lin Wanwan, then where was the real Lin Wanwan?

If it was just cosmetic surgery, there was no need to hide it as well.

The frown on Lu Zhanbeis handsome eyebrows became tighter and tighter. His analytical skills had always been superb. However, now he was clueless. The more he guessed, the more confused he was.

As he was in an urgent mood and the matter was serious, Lu Zhanbei didnt send out Gu Mo this time around but, instead, chose to personally handle it himself.

Firstly, he called the funeral parlors director.

"Director Qin, Im surnamed Lu. We have met each other before two and a half years ago. Im here today to ask you about something."

Director Qin didnt think of Lu Zhanbei at first through the association of a surname and said politely, "Mr. Lu, please ask."

"That year, after Lin Xiao died in a car accident, she was sent to your funeral parlor, right?"


Although this had happened quite some time ago, Director Qin could still remember this incident clearly.

It could be said that it was impossible not to know this big-shot actress in Xia country. Director Qin himself could be considered her fan.

Many people were heartbroken when Lin Xiao died in a car accident. On the day of the burial, countless fans came over. Images of the sad atmosphere and everyones crying were still vivid.

He also remembered that a big-shot character surnamed Lu came over and asked him to try his best to collect Lin Xiaos body in full.


"Mr. Lu, so its you. It really has been a long while!"

Lu Zhanbei was not in the mood to bother with the enthusiasm and flattery in his tone. His tone was slightly depressed. "I wanted to ask you, are you sure that Lin Xiaos body was already cremated that day?"

"Im sure. Werent you, Mr. Lu, outside the door that day?"

"" Yes, he was also there when they were sending Lin Xiao off for the last time.

It was just that there were a lot of people present then and he didnt want to cause any commotion at that point in time. Thus, he was always in the dark.

"Youre certain that that was Lin Xiaos body?" he asked again with uncertainty.

Although Director Qin felt confused, he still spoke with certainty, "I dare swear to you that we had indeed successfully cremated Ms. Lin Xiaos body that day. Her artist manager was also present. He even turned over the white cloth and looked at Ms. Lin Xiao for a while. He said that the makeup we gave her was beautiful and she would have liked it too."

Lu Zhanbeis eyes turned gloomy. A corner of his heart seemed to let out a broken sound.

After a long while, he slowly took a deep breath. "I understand."

After hanging up the call, he called Mo Jiushang. "Jiushang, use the fastest speed to send me complete information about Lin Wanwan. Quickly!"