Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 376

Chapter 376 Lu Zhanbei Forms Doubt 3

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A slow and lazy voice with deep sleepiness could be heard from the receiver. "Oh, understood."

Within half an hour, Lu Zhanbei already received the information sent over by Mo Jiushang.

Unlike Gu Mo, who fronted as Lu Zhanbeis assistant in public, Mo Jiushang was in charge of formal operations and intelligence gathering. His intelligence network was spread all over the world. If he wanted to check something, there was nothing that couldnt be found.

Lin Wanwans information was very simple. Her father was Lin Qinghao. Her mother, who was the mistress, suddenly disappeared when she was four years old. Shortly after, she burned her brains due to a high fever.

For the next ten years or so, she lived a life of being beaten and bullied every day. As time passed, her character became more cowardly and timid.

These pieces of information were accompanied by pictures of the truth and were definitely not adulterated.

There were even photos of Lin Wanwan being forcibly injected with drugs by Tao Xinyue. The photo showed Lin Wanwan hugging a rabbit doll and shivering in the corner. Her innocent eyes were full of fear. The kind of uneasiness that manifested from the inside out was definitely not something out of pretense.

Lu Zhanbeis and Lin Wanwans first encounter was also because of this matter. He was entrusted by someone to keep her safe, and thus, he had rushed over to bring her back.


What he saw then was not a fool filled with fear and uneasiness. Instead, her eyes were clear and vivid. No stupidity could be detected from her eyebrows. She was totally different from the Lin Wanwan on the photo.

Lin Wanwan seemed to have changed completely overnight.

Not only was she not a fool anymore, she even knew how to act, race

Lin Wanwan had not learned these skills before. Instead, Lin Xiao was very good at them.

Coupled with the sleep talk that Lin Wanwan had said previously

Suddenly, Lu Zhanbei sucked in a cold breath of air.

All the information pointed to that one truth.

A lot of information hit Lu Zhanbeis brain at once. His temples started to ache. As he used one hand to hold his forehead, he used the other to crush out the cigarette in his fingers.

This night, Lin Wanwan slept very unsteadily. She always subconsciously thought about Si Hans pained look. She was struggling internally whether or not she should tell him the truth. At the same time, she was curious about when in her previous life did she have an entanglement with Lu Zhanbei.

After a long time, she finally fell asleep. When she woke up again, it was already noon.

Lin Wanwan had just opened her eyes when she saw Lu Zhanbeis magnified handsome face well within reach.

"Ah!" She was shocked and rolled to the side. "Youve scared me to death!"

Lin Wanwan did not sense that Lu Zhanbei was vaguely sizing her up through his deep, bottomless eyes. She sat on the edge of the bed and realized a layer of stubble had grown on his fair-skinned and smooth chin. She could not help but feel shocked. "What did you do last night? Didnt you rest at all for a night?"

Lu Zhanbei shook his head. He did not answer and instead asked, "Are you hungry?"

Coincidentally, Lin Wanwans stomach chose to let out a rumbling sound then. She instantly turned shy and covered her face.

Lu Zhanbei gave a low laugh and held her hand. "Get up quickly. Lets go and have a meal."


Lin Wanwan did a simple wash up and followed Lu Zhanbei downstairs.

The table was full of dishes that looked, smelled, and tasted good. Lu Zhanbei sat next to her and didnt pick up his chopsticks. He just looked at her quietly.

Although she ate very quickly, she was not lacking in elegance. One look and it was clear that she had undergone good etiquette training.

"Lin Wanwan."

Lin Wanwan, who was chowing down, took some time off to look at him. "Yes?"

"What do you like to eat?"