Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 377

Chapter 377 Lu Zhanbei Forms Doubt 4

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Lin Wanwan thought that Lu Zhanbei wanted to understand her own taste better and to conquer her heart by conquering her stomach. She didnt suspect that there might be any ulterior motive behind this question. She replied without thinking, "Desserts are my favorite. As for dishes, I like spicy food and hate sour food. Among the eight major cuisines, I like Sichuan the most"

She said a bunch of words.

Lu Zhanbeis eyes went deeper and deeper. However, his expression didnt change. He paused and asked again, "Then, are you afraid of anyone or anything?"

Lin Wanwan was stunned. She thought about the time the reporter interviewed her in her previous life.

"I am afraid of death."

Obviously, Lu Zhanbei didnt expect this answer.


"Very few people are not afraid of death."

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders and looked at Lu Zhanbei. Her eyes unexpectedly met his dark eyes and her heart inexplicably tightened. She said half-jokingly, "If I die from an accident one day, wouldnt the people who care about me live in misery? For instance, you. Right?"

Lu Zhanbeis hands, which were by his side, trembled slightly. His palm wrapped around the back of her hand and he pressed down. "I wont let you encounter an accident."

He didnt want to experience that heartfelt pain a second time.

"I know." Lin Wanwan smiled pleasantly at him.

Lu Zhanbei never said anything further. He quietly watched her have her meal. A hint of struggle flashed past his eyes occasionally. In the end, his eyes became calm.

"Have you finished eating?"

"Yes, very full!" Lin Wanwan rubbed her stomach with a look of satisfaction on her face.

Lu Zhanbei stood up and held her hand naturally. "Follow me. Ill show you something."


Lu Zhanbei brought her to the study room. Lin Wanwan could not suppress the curiosity in her heart. "What do you want to show me?"

"You will know soon."

His mysterious tone made Lin Wanwan feel a trace of nervousness and a trace of expectation.

Could it be that Lu Zhanbei had prepared some surprise for her?


While Lin Wanwans mind was not paying attention, the bookcase split in half and the hidden secret compartment was revealed.

She widened her mouth in shock. "Theres actually such a design in your house? However, this switch is too simple. It should be hidden in a place where no one can see it."

Lu Zhanbei ignored her suggestion and held her hand tightly. He said in a low voice, "Go in."

As the door was pushed open, Lu Zhanbei switched on the lights. The glaring light suddenly lit up and Lin Wanwan squinted her eyes to adjust to it.

When she had adapted to the lights and saw the interior clearly, she was instantly stunned.

"This" Looking at the wall full of photos, Lin Wanwan instantly lost her ability to speak.

All her photos from her previous life were here. From her debut to before her death, from young to mature, from an unknown small actress to a legendary famous actress.

It was estimated that even her most die-hard fan probably could not collect such a complete set of her photos. But Lu Zhanbei

Speaking of which, what did he collect all of these for?

Lu Zhanbei stared at her expression changes, from shock at the beginning to full of reminiscence at the end. He rubbed his thin lips lightly and asked, "Do you know her?"

Lin Wanwan recovered herself and restrained the emotions that were leaked out. She tried to act nonchalant and said, "That famous actress in Xia country. She had once won the famous actress trophies from three major movie festivals in Xia country within a year. Shes simply awesome. How would I not know such a life winner?"

As she replied, she also used this opportunity to shamelessly compliment herself.