Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 378

Chapter 378 We Are Finished

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"Oh." Lu Zhanbei smiled without any clear meaning. "Anything else?"

Lin Wanwan was stunned. "What else is there?"

Lu Zhanbei sat down on the sofa in the middle of the room. He hooked his fingers at her. "Come here."

Lin Wanwan obediently sat down.

Lu Zhanbei picked up the photo frame on the coffee table. Lin Wanwan leaned over to take a look and realized that it was a photo taken in her previous life. She was overjoyed and said, "I know. You must be Lin Xiaos fan."

"Yes and no." Lu Zhanbeis eyes swept past her proud little look and he curved up his lips slightly. He immediately changed the topic. "Do you still remember you once speculated if I had another woman in my heart?"

Lin Wanwan had initially planned to forget about this matter. She didnt expect him to take the initiative and revisit old matters. A hint of sourness flashed past her heart.

"I remember. And I know this isnt a speculation but a truth."

"Youre right." Lu Zhanbei admitted frankly. He looked at her, serious and focused.

"Lin Wanwan, Im going to tell you honestly now. When I was pursuing you, she still held a position in my heart. Perhaps you think Im an a*shole, but"

"You dont have to say anything more!" The more Lin Wanwan heard about it, the angrier she felt. She stood up, and her pretty face was cold.

Was he saying that he wasnt wrong being flirtatious?!

"Lu Zhanbei, I dont want to hear any of your excuses. Since you have already said all these, fine. We are finished!"

She initially thought that the white moonlight in Lu Zhanbeis heart was already in the past tense so she could ignore it. However, she would definitely not allow a man to have another woman in his heart at the same time that he was liking her!

"Can you finish listening to me?" Lu Zhanbei grabbed her hand with a hint of urgency in his tone.

Lin Wanwan tried hard to resist, but due to the obvious difference in strength, she could only resign herself to fate and give up. "If you want to say it, say it!"

It wouldnt be too late to end it after he finished saying it anyway.

She was only grateful now that she hadnt agreed to Lu Zhanbeis pursuit. Although she liked Lu Zhanbei, it had not yet reached the point where she was deeply trapped.

So, it was better to cut her losses now.

It was better to be in torment for a while compared to a lifetime.

Seeing that she had turned her face to the side coldly, Lu Zhanbei sighed. "The reason why I chose to tell you the truth today is because I want to prove to you that I will try my best to forget her. Theres only you here."

He grabbed her hand and placed it on his heart.

Upon hearing this, the anger in Lin Wanwans heart dissipated a little.

She hated betrayal the most. Even if it was spiritual betrayal, that was unforgivable.

Was it really possible to like two people at once? She disagreed with this viewpoint.

However, she could really feel Lu Zhanbeis sincerity.

"Forget? How long would this take?"

If one truly loved someone, no matter how much time had passed, there would still be a trace of it left in ones heart.

The most important thing was, there would definitely be a knot in her heart from today onwards. With this knot around, how could she not be preoccupied while being with him?

"Also, if that woman came knocking on the door one day, would your feelings for her rekindle? Lu Zhanbei, I would definitely not allow my life to become a damned television drama. To me, love is at most a mood infuser. If this mood infuser makes me feel uncomfortable, then Id rather not have it!"

Towards the end, her expression was so cold that it was to the extent of looking cruel.

Lin Wanwan never had the mindset that love was above all. Although she had acted a few characters that would die for love before, she would definitely not become such a person.