Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 379

Chapter 379 Everything Was Incredible

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To stay if the conditions were agreeable and to leave if they were otherwise. It was that simple!

At that moment, the atmosphere in the house dropped to the freezing point.

Her expressionless look made Lu Zhanbeis heart shiver a little. After a long while, he said in a repressed tone, "She wont appear anymore."


Lu Zhanbei closed his eyes. "She had already passed away two and a half years ago."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. "Sorry, I"

Sensing the heavy atmosphere that radiated from Lu Zhanbei, she bit her lip and suddenly didnt know what to say.

One could tell that Lu Zhanbei cared quite a lot about that woman. Could such feelings really fade away with the passing of time?

Perhaps even Lu Zhanbei didnt have the answer to this question.

A hint of struggle flashed past Lin Wanwans heart. In the end, she closed her eyes with a complicated look on her face.

Perhaps she should reconsider her relationship with Lu Zhanbei.


After uttering a word, Lu Zhanbei suddenly added, "She died in a car accident."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. Her love rival actually died the same way she did. Wasnt this too sarcastic?!

And the timing was two and a half years ago? Wasnt this too much of a coincidence

Lin Wanwans expression changed and she suddenly looked up. She looked past Lu Zhanbei, who was in front of her, and saw a poster on the wall. There, Lin Xiao was wearing a white cheongsam and was smiling like a flower.


Lin Wanwan sucked in a breath of cold air and an incredible thought formed in her mind.

Why did Lu Zhanbei own all her properties?

Why did Lu Zhanbei collect her posters?

Perhaps he was not only her fan.

"Lu Zhanbei, whats the name of the woman you liked?!" she blurted out. It was hard to hide the shock in her tone.

Lu Zhanbei looked up and into her unbelieving eyes. The answer in his heart became clearer and clearer. The lips that initially formed a straight line subconsciously curved up. There was a hair-raising beauty that was exceptionally charming.

"Its her."

Under Lin Wanwans urging gaze, he picked up the photo frame and showed her Lin Xiaos photo. He said word by word, "Lin. Xiao."

"" The most incredible speculation in her heart was confirmed. Lin Wanwan was in a complete state of disorder.

What the hell!

What the hell, what the hell, what the hell!

The white moonlight in Lu Zhanbeis heart was actually herself!

The woman she had been jealous of for such a long time was actually herself!

Damn! Was this plot trying to drive her to commit suicide!

As it was simply too shocking, even if Lin Wanwan were to self-claim that she was an expert at controlling her facial expressions, facing such an unexpected situation, emotions were revealed on her face.

At this moment, Lu Zhanbei suddenly leaned over. As he grabbed her waist with one hand, the other hand played with the strand of hair that was dangling by her ear. Lu Zhanbei said teasingly in a casual tone, "You seem to be very surprised?"

After a long while, Lin Wanwan digested this information with difficulty. She swallowed her saliva and quickly took out her grade-A acting skills. She glared at him and said coldly, "I am of course surprised! Lu Zhanbei, you flirtatious man. If you like Lin Xiao, then focus on liking her. Why come and provoke me?"

Lu Zhanbei smiled silently.

Perhaps even she herself didnt realize that although her expression was angry, her tone was not as cold as before.

He touched Lin Wanwans hair. Seeing that she didnt reject it, Lu Zhanbei smiled deeper.

"I dont know when it started, but you gave me the exact same feeling of palpitating with excitement as Lin Xiao. After that, I even thought, if I had confessed to Lin Xiao then, would my interaction with her be the same as my interaction with you?"