Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Fall Out I Don't Care

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Lin Wanwan blushed. “I met a director named An Qiao some time ago. He invited me to act in a drama. It sounded fun, so I accepted it. An Qiao asked his boss to fetch and ferry me to the shooting location. He was worried that I didn’t know the way.”


That famous director An Qiao?

Lin Siqing who dreamt of being a star clenched her teeth out of jealousy.

“I see.”

Although Lin Qinghao didn’t want his daughter to enter the entertainment industry, he still felt relieved that she had not been bought out.

Just then, Lin Siqing sneered, “Father, how can you believe her lies? We know what she is like better than anyone! Which director would invite a mentally challenged girl to shoot a drama? Do you think An Qiao is crazy?”

This is bad

As Lin Wanwan thought, her father’s face sank again.

Lin Wanwan was murdering Lin Siqing in her heart, but on the outside, she seemed like a poor soul pleading for help.

But this time, Tao Xinyue did not give her the chance to perform.

“Qinghao, from what I see, Lin Wanwan is cunning like her mother. Even with a mental age of six, she still wants to put herself under the patronage of someone powerful!”

Her words stabbed Lin Qinghao right on his wounds.

“Come here!”

His face was demonic. He waved to two servants and got them to hold Lin Wanwan in place.

“Get her phone!”

Lin Wanwan couldn’t resist, she could only stare at him with terrified eyes.

Lin Qinghao found An Qiao’s number on her phone and dialed right away.

“Hi, director An Qiao?”

“I’m Lin Wanwan’s father. I am neither allowing her to enter the entertainment industry nor letting her shoot the drama. The end. Why? Because I’m her guardian, she is not allowed to do anything without my permission!”


He ended the call without another word.

All the effort put into pursuing her career, her dream of two lives were crushed in a few seconds. No matter how tolerating Lin Wanwan was, she couldn’t help but feel hatred brewing within.

“Send her to her room, she is not stepping out of the house without my approval!” Lin Qinghao yelled.

Two servants started dragging Lin Wanwan to her room.

Tao Xinyue looked more satisfied than ever.

Lin Siqing sipped on her drink. Destroying Lin Wanwan’s future made her feel jubilant.

“Let go of me!”

Lin Wanwan flang her arms wide, getting out of the servants’ control. She turned to Lin Qinghao, her voice was freezing cold, “I lost my mother at a young age, and the father you are is nothing but a title. I’ve never been welcomed in this family, and I do not like this place!”

She ran off before even finishing her words.

“Second Miss!”

Servants wanted to chase after her, but Lin Qinghao stopped them.

“Leave her alone! Lin Wanwan, there will be no place for you in this family before you admit your mistake!”

His voice was stinging. Lin Wanwan continued running without even looking back.

Lin Qinghao was panting furiously, he had seldom felt so provoked in his life.

“Qinghao, don’t be mad. Lin Wanwan doesn’t know anyone, without any money, she will come back sooner or later,” Tao Xinyue “comforted.”

Lin Siqing was busy giggling on the side, only praying for things to get worse for her sister.