Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 381

Chapter 381 I Am Lin Xiao

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Lu Zhanbeis heart, which was hanging in his throat, gradually returned to its original position. At the same time that he felt he had gotten rid of a burden, he was surprised as well.

It looked like he had guessed correctly.

The most unbelievable thing was often the truth.

After a short while, Lin Wanwans rationality returned and she stuttered, "You what are you talking about? How could I be Lin Xiao? Im Lin Wanwan, the second miss from the Lin family! Lin Xiaos already dead. Even if you think that the two of us are similar, you shouldnt think that Im her, right? Or do you actually believe that a body can be used to resurrect a dead soul? Stop joking, hahaha"

After a burst of incoherence, she used laughter to hide her own shock and embarrassment.

Lu Zhanbei looked at her evasive gaze. Her calm eyes contained restrained excitement.

"Why? Why do you not want to admit it?"

Under Lu Zhanbeis deep gaze, which could seemingly see through everything, Lin Wanwan put up a deathbed struggle. "Because Im not her!"

"Heh." Feeling her guilty conscience, Lu Zhanbei laughed. "Lin Wanwan, did you know that you tend to sleep-talk?"

Lin Wanwan was stunned.

"I heard you sleep-talking yesterday night. I personally heard you admitting that you were Lin Xiao."


Damn! Was this for real?! He shouldnt be lying to her, right?!

Seeing Lin Wanwans disbelieving expression, Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows. He continued saying in an orderly manner, "When you woke up, you started to ask about the origins of Lin Xiaos properties. If those were not yours, why was your curiosity so strong?"


"Afterwards, I went to find out more about Lin Wanwan. I realized that when Tao Xinyue sent Lin Wanwan to Tang Chens bed, she was still a fool. However, one hour later, I met you for the first time and you were suddenly not a fool. Tell me, which deity gave you a miraculous cure for you to return to normal within an hour?"


As Lu Zhanbei said one sentence after another, Lin Wanwans head hung lower and lower. She stared at the shoes on her feet and didnt say anything.

She could not argue with these.

"Lin Xiao knows how to race and has learned fighting skills before. Lin Wanwan has never learned these."


"Lin Xiao likes to eat desserts and hates sour food. She loves Sichuan cuisine."


Lin Wanwan could not listen to this anymore and lifted her head fiercely. Her pretty little face was flushed red, like a kitten whose tail had been stepped on. She was angry and helpless, and she could only glare fiercely at Lu Zhanbei.

However, seeing his half-smiling gaze, she quickly admitted defeat. Her face collapsed and she raised her hands to surrender. "Ok, ok I admit, I am Lin Xiao."

This Lu Zhanbei had done a thorough check on her.

No wonder he had asked her previously what she liked to eat. He was simply digging a hole and waiting for her to jump down herself!

Even though he had already reached a conclusion in his heart, now that Lu Zhanbei had heard her personally admitting to it, he still experienced a rare loss of control. He pulled Lin Wanwan into his embrace.

"Its really you!"

He could not restrain it any longer. The force of his arm was very strong, and he hugged her extremely tightly, as if he wanted to integrate her into his body.

"" Lin Wanwan didnt move and let him hug her.

She could feel Lu Zhanbeis trembling body and hear the surprise and excitement over recovering what one had previously lost in his tone.

Such emotions infected her, and her originally depressed mood softened. She could not help but reach out her hand and grab his waist.