Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 383

Chapter 383 You Actually Forgot About Me

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Lin Wanwan glared at him angrily. Lu Zhanbei just curved his lips silently and lowered his head to kiss her again.

Lin Wanwan wanted to know the answer from him badly and, thus, no longer struggled. She obediently let him peel open her lips and deepen the kiss.

This kiss was full of gentle sympathy, and Lin Wanwan subconsciously fell deeper into it.

Until Lu Zhanbeis hands started to not follow the rules.

"Hey, Lu Zhanbei. Dont cross the line!"

Lin Wanwan caught his hand, which was ready to reach into her clothes. She lifted her blushing face and panted slightly. "Youve already kissed me. Now you should answer my question, right?"

Looking at her face, which was more beautiful now that she was blushing, Lu Zhanbeis sexy Adams apple moved slightly. His look was still calm, and a pair of deep eyes flashed.

"Why dont you let me touch you a while longer? I know a breast massage technique. Do you want to try huh?"

The last word was filled with seduction. His elegant smile and explicit words formed a great contrast.

What the hell. He even dared to take things for granted!

Lin Wanwan flew into a rage out of humiliation and glared at him. "You deserve a beating!"

Then, she pushed him fiercely. "Quickly get off of me!"

Lu Zhanbei didnt overdo it. As he stood up, there was a look of regret on his face. "Ok, we can try again next time."

Try his a*s!

Lin Wanwan sat upright and wrapped both hands around her chest. She looked as if she was interrogating someone. "Say it!"

Lu Zhanbei had a look of innocence. "Say what?"

Seeing that he was still acting like a fool, Lin Wanwan was furious. She asked again, "When did you like me? Did we know each other in the past?"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her deeply and cast a meaningful glance. "You really dont remember?"

Seeing Lin Wanwan nod her head, Lu Zhanbei gritted his teeth. It looked like danger was brewing. "You actually forgot about me."

Lin Wanwan felt uneasy after he looked at her sinisterly. However, she really couldnt remember.

Her face revealed a flattering smile. Lin Wanwan shook his hand a little and acted like a spoiled child. "Perhaps Im getting older and my memory is failing me. Forgive me this once. I will definitely not forget again in the future. Quickly tell me. Please, please!"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her and elongated the pronunciation. He said, "If you want me to tell you, thats possible too."

Lin Wanwan immediately guarded her chest. "No touching!"

A hint of laughter flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes. However, he gave her a side glance with a look of scorn. "You have highly estimated the attractiveness of your double-side fried eggs. Im not as desperate as you think I am."

"" Damn! Which hooligan had previously said out loud that he wanted to give her a breast massage? Why bother pretending to be a gentleman now?!

Lin Wanwan was about to refute when Lu Zhanbei sat next to her. He held her shoulders, and his eyes became deep. His voice was enchanting as he said, "As long as you promise me that I can be your man, Ill tell you without any reservations."

Oh, so he was toying with this idea.

Lin Wanwan pouted. "Do you know what the consequences are for failing to make good on your promise?"

An ominous feeling flashed past Lu Zhanbeis heart.

Lin Wanwan half-laughed and continued, "Originally, on account that youre so passionate about me, even if you didnt say so, I would have taken the initiative and agreed to be your girlfriend. However, youve kissed me and went back on your words. Now, you even used such a method to make me compromise. So you want to be my man? Hahaha. You can continue thinking about it."