Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 384

Chapter 384 Little Missus

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After saying this, she rolled her eyes coldly with elegance. She got up and left.

Looking at her back as she left, Lu Zhanbei silently held his forehead. Was this a wrong move?

Lin Wanwan had just returned to the study room when she saw Gu Mo leaning against the wall, lazily playing with his mobile. When he heard footsteps, he subconsciously lifted his head.

"Ms. Lin?"

After calling her, he realized that Lin Wanwan had walked out from the secret compartment in the study room. His eyes widened in shock and he said in disbelief, "Sir actually brought you to the secret compartment?"

He was not to be blamed for being surprised. That was because Gu Mo knew that this was a forbidden place to Lu Zhanbei.

Except for himself, no one could step in.

Gu Mo was once curious about what was in there that was worthy of Sir being so serious and cautious about. When he realized afterwards that Sir had a woman in his heart, he guessed that things related to this woman were being kept in the secret compartment.

If he had guessed correctly, then Sir actually dared to bring Lin Wanwan to the place where he kept his memories of his old lover

That was unbelievable!

Lin Wanwan did not have time to reply as a cold voice had floated over. "Why? You have an opinion about it?"

The slender man walked out slowly. Gu Mos heart skipped a beat, and a thick smile immediately formed on his face. "Haha, no. Absolutely not!"

He looked at Lin Wanwan again and squeezed his eyes oddly. "Ms. Lin, should I call you missus from now on?"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan was speechless in despair.

Lu Zhanbei threw him an appreciative look. "I havent seen you for just a day and you became cleverer."

Upon hearing this, Gu Mo understood it instantly. He smiled more happily at Lin Wanwan and deftly called her, "Missus!"

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at Lu Zhanbei. Then, she glared at Gu Mo. "Who are you calling? Im an underage girl but you actually address me as missus. Am I that old?"

"Then, little missus?"

"" Lin Wanwan could not be bothered with this sidekick and left the study room directly.

Lu Zhanbei laughed plainly and was about to follow her when Gu Mo leaned over sneakily and asked, all gossipy, "Is there a positive result for the two of you?"

Lu Zhanbei nodded. "Kind of."

"Congratulations, Sir, for finally obtaining the beauty. I wish Sir and the future missus a blissful marriage and to have a baby soon!"

Lu Zhanbei had to say that Gu Mos words had gotten him into his good books. There was a faint look of joy on his face. He gave Gu Mo a side glance and also understood his thoughts.

"How many days of leave do you want?"

Gu Mo came to attention. "Three days?"


"Thank you, Sir. Long live, long live, long long live!"

Lin Wanwan received Si Hans call. The interview for that detective drama "Reapers Mask" was pushed forward to 3 pm today, and she was to go over immediately.

She didnt hang around Yun Mansion any longer. She was about to leave when Lu Zhanbei walked over.

"Ill send you."


Lin Wanwan took a look at the time. Seeing that there was still three hours and she was not in a rush, she said, "Send me to any hairdresser first."

Lu Zhanbei glanced at the long, waist-length hair behind her back and frowned slightly. He asked, "Youre going for a haircut?"

Lin Wanwan picked up her long and straight black hair and a sense of pity flashed past her face. "Yes, the role in this drama has a short hairstyle so I must cut it. I dont want to wear a wig as thats too unprofessional."

In her previous life, she had even shaved her head bald to film a movie. What was short hair to her?