Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 385

Chapter 385 Dont Leave Me

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"No need to go out. Youve forgotten that theres a ready team of stylists at Yun Mansion."

Lu Zhanbei pulled Lin Wanwans hand. "Follow me."

Lin Wanwan recalled that Lu Zhanbei indeed had a skilled team of stylists and immediately followed.

When they reached the villa next door, Lin Wanwan was led into the stylists room by a group of people.

Within half an hour, the stylist put down her scissors. She smiled and said, "Ms. Lin, the haircuts done."

Lin Wanwan opened her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror.

According to her previous requests, her long hair was trimmed up to the tips of her ears. The hair was well arranged and didnt give off the vibe of a tomboy at all.

It was exquisite yet clean. As she shook the messy strands of hair in front of her forehead, a sense of youthful sunshine radiated from her.

"Very good." She nodded in satisfaction and said again, "Please help me get another set of clothes."

A few minutes later, Lin Wanwan changed into the set of clothes that the stylist brought for her and exited the stylists room.

"Im coming!"

Lu Zhanbei, who had his back facing her, turned around. He saw a short-haired Lin Wanwan smiling at him.

Lin Wanwan asked, "Am I pretty?"

Lu Zhanbei answered, "Still ok."

Lin Wanwan was initially dissatisfied with his comment. However, upon thinking that Lu Zhanbei had always been picky and would say vicious words, she felt it was already not bad to have received a comment of "still ok" from him.

She could not help but feel happy. "Im not boasting, but if I were to play the role of a man, I can defeat a bunch of Little Fresh Meats in no time and become the next generation of the national male god."

Lu Zhanbei strongly felt that way and said, "You can indeed pull off being a man."

Lin Wanwan was very satisfied with his attitude and was about to praise him for his good taste when he added another sentence leisurely, "After all, youre the same as men. Flat."

After saying this, he did not forget to throw a glance at her chest.

"!!!" Lin Wanwan was nearly angered to death.This a*shole!

"Dont be angry." Sensing her angry eyes, Lu Zhanbei patted her head to pacify her. "I can force myself not to despise you."

Heh heh. She was going to give negative marks for these comforting words.

As time was running out, Lin Wanwan could not be bothered to argue with him. She took a deep breath and said, "Well, thank you very much then. However, its a pity that even though you dont despise me, I despise you. Sorry to inform you that the road youre taking is still farther than a hundred thousand miles!"

After saying this with a fake smile, she ran away.

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips in silence and followed with light footsteps.

Although both of them had bickered, Lu Zhanbei still personally drove her to the audition site in the end.

"Im leaving." Lin Wanwan unfastened her seat belt and was about to alight from the car.

Lu Zhanbei awkwardly pulled her wrist. Following his light tug, she uncontrollably fell into his embrace.

Lin Wanwan sat upright and glared at him. Unexpectedly, she met a pair of deep eyes which carried with it some forbearance.

"Xiaoxiao, I know your character so I wont persuade you on anything. I just hope you remember these words."


Lu Zhanbei looked into her eyes and said word by word, "I hope you will think of me before you make any decision. I dont want to lose you a second time. The moment I admitted to myself that I like you, I was already prepared to be together with you til the end of time. So please dont leave me."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan was stunned. Through his eyes, she could feel that sense of uneasiness deep in his heart.

She knew that Lu Zhanbei was afraid. Afraid of losing her.