Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 387

Chapter 387 Owning The Whole World

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Mo Chens smiling voice traveled over. "Its rare that Oppa had taken the initiative to contact me. Of course I have to be free. However, why are you looking for me?"

"To have a drink."

Mo Chen was strangely silent for a long while. After that, he asked in a very exaggerated tone, "Has the sun risen from the West today? You would actually happily contact me to have a drink? You dont seem to have fallen out of love. What good thing has happened?"

The curvature of Lu Zhanbeis smile got deeper and it was dazzling.

"Nothing big. I just suddenly feel that I own the whole world."

"" Ah? What the hell?

Mo Chen, who was single, expressed his confusion.

"Reapers Mask" was a product of a second-rate production company. From the director to the screenwriter, none of them were big names in the entertainment circle.

Although the production team had tried to convey news of the audition to agents and actors whom everyone wanted to work with, and even though they provided beautiful answers, no one turned up for the audition on that day.

"Next." Director Jiang Zhiming waved his hand tiredly and interrupted the performance of the auditionee in front of him.

Very quickly, the next newbie who came for the audition walked in and started to perform.

"Stop. Next."


Following the start and end of performances from one newbie actress after another, the last hint of expectation in Jiang Zhimings heart turned into deep disappointment.

He looked towards the assistant director next to him. "The acting skills of these newbies are too tender. They cant portray the feeling of Lu Li well. Weve invited Su Maner, Meng Lu, Xia Muxue. All of them didnt turn up?"

The assistant director had a glum look and shook his head. "No."


Jiang Zhiming knew very clearly that regardless of whether its this production company or him as a director, they were unknown in the entertainment circle.

Those few starlets had floated in the entertainment circle for a few years. Now, they had both acting skills and fame. How was it possible that they would be willing to condescend to act in this drama, which was getting little attention?

Suddenly, the assistant director slapped his forehead. "Oh right, Lin Wanwans manager replied previously that she would be here for the audition."

Jiang Zhimings eyes shone. "Where is she? Is she here?"

He had seen the television dramas and movies Lin Wanwan had acted in. Her acting skills were not bad, and she had a good aura. Although she was not as famous as Su Maner, she was often talked about.

The assistant director asked a staff personnel a few questions, then shook his head.

The last fire of hope that emerged in Jiang Zhimings heart was immediately extinguished. "Looks like she wont be coming."

Lin Wanwan was definitely a newbie actress whod recently been rising to fame at an incredibly fast speed. After winning two trophies from the Silver Deer Movie Festival, she had received a lot of scripts. It was understandable that she didnt pick this one.

He lit a cigarette, and a hint of struggle flashed past his eyes. In the end, he gave a bitter smile that signaled compromise.

"Forget it. If we really cant, then we just have to pick one from these newbies."

Having said that, Jiang Zhiming was feeling quite reluctant in his heart.

This script was carefully selected by him. Whether it was the plot design or the character buildup, they were ingenious.

He believed that as long it was filmed well, this drama would definitely be a hit. However, this was a drama based purely on the female lead. The success of the female lead meant the success of the drama. A trip on one point would spoil it all.

It was a pity the actors he thought could play Lu Li well had stood him up.

The entertainment circle was like that. Benefits were greater than everything else.

Jiang Zhimings initial ambitions dissipated and he waved his hands, feeling depressed. "Lets stop here for today. Let me think whose acting was slightly better among all of them."

He stood up and was about to leave.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door.