Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 388

Chapter 388 This Was Too Smooth

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Jiang Zhiming was stunned. He subconsciously said, "Come in."

A "youth" with short hair wearing a simple white shirt and slacks walked in.

She was slender, and her facial features were exquisite. Her eyes were clean and carried with them a little shyness and innocence as she smiled. Occasionally, a light of agile cleverness would flash past her eyes.

The moment he saw her, Jiang Zhiming blurted out excitedly, "Lu Li!"

This was the Lu Li in his heart!

"Hello, Director Jiang." Lin Wanwan bowed to Jiang Zhiming. "Sorry Im late. Im Lin Wanwan. Im here to audition for the female lead, Lu Li."

She was Lin Wanwan?

Jiang Zhiming was stunned. After carefully sizing her up, he scratched his head in embarrassment.

Lin Wanwan was too in line with Lu Lis image. He actually didnt recognize her just now.

"Director Jiang, may I start?"

"No need!"

Lin Wanwan blinked. She hadnt yet asked for the reason when Jiang Zhiming walked down from the stage. He grabbed her hand and said excitedly, "I can guarantee 100% that youll play the role of Lu Li well. When are you free? I hope you can enter the production team soon!"

Although Lin Wanwan had been confident she could obtain this role, she didnt expect for it to be so smooth.

Seeing that Jiang Zhiming looked so excited, as if he had just found a treasure, Lin Wanwan smiled and said, "My schedule is very empty at present. Im ok anytime."

"Lets sign the contract immediately then!"

Jiang Zhiming was deeply afraid that Lin Wanwan would go back on her words. He used the fastest speed to sign the contract with her. Only then did he heave a sigh of relief.

He felt extremely hopeless in the beginning. He didnt expect God to actually give him such a big surprise in the end.

"Ms. Lin, thank you!"

Jiang Zhiming held on to Lin Wanwans hand tightly. He was over thirty years old and was close to 1.9 meters tall. However, there were actually tears in his eyes right now.

"I really dont know how to thank you. Although Im not a renowned director, I swear you wont regret todays decision!"

Lin Wanwan was helpless too. "Director Jiang, you have made a heavy statement. The scripts written well. As long as its filmed well, I believe it will be recognized by many viewers."

She knew that the production team behind this drama was relatively nameless so there was no guarantee in terms of ratings. However, she saw the potential of the script. As long as it was exciting enough, it could easily become a classic.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Zhiming hugged her.

"" What the hell! He wanted to flout the rules in broad daylight?!

Jiang Zhiming let out a whimper and said again, "Thank you!"

Lin Wanwan thought it was funny and politely pushed him away. Seeing that his eyes had turned red, she could not help but tease him. "Ive seen the movie youve filmed, Memories of an Apple, before. I know you have a teenage girls heart. I didnt expect your mind to be more delicate than a girl like me."

Jiang Zhiming turned his head away shyly. When he heard her mention that she had seen the low-cost microfilm he had filmed before, he added more recognition to her in his heart.

Both of them finalized the details of the cooperation. Lin Wanwan left after that.

She gave Si Han a call and happily reported, "Si Dada, Ive passed the audition~"


Lin Wanwan was very dissatisfied with his coldness. "Your artiste has successfully obtained a role. As a qualified manager, shouldnt you feel proud and also compliment me?"

Si Han laughed with disdain and was full of sarcasm. "Your opponents are all newbies who were fresh out of school. If you cant even win against them, then its better for you to go home and raise pigs. Whats there to be proud of? Lin Wanwan, if and when you have gotten the top actress award, then come back and boast to me."