Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 389

Chapter 389 Come Over Here Obediently If You Dont Ill Carry You Over

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"" F*ck! What kind of attitude was that?!

Lin Wanwan was so angry that she was about to hurl vulgarities when Si Han hung up the call with a slam.

She tried hard to suppress her anger and drew a long breath. She then called Lu Zhanbei. Since she felt she was hurt in terms of friendship, she wanted to get some comfort from Lu Zhanbei.

"Ive passed the audition. Am I not great? Compliment me quickly!"

Lu Zhanbei asked cooperatively, "Ok. How do you want me to compliment you?"

Lin Wanwan thought for a while and said, "Compliment me for being great."

"Youre great."

"Compliment me for being formidable."

"Youre formidable."

When she said something, he followed suit and said the same. Lin Wanwan didnt feel happy being complimented and she complained, "Lu Zhanbei, dont you think its too obvious youre just brushing me off? As a candidate for my future boyfriend, at this point in time, you should praise me until Im bursting with joy. Sigh. Just leave your mouth and tongue where they are. Youre not good with words. Weak EQ!"

Lu Zhanbei laughed coldly. "The problem is, Im still not your boyfriend yet."


"If youre willing to give me this status, Lin Wanwan, Ill let you know how good my tongue skills are." A hint of seductiveness was mixed into his ambiguous tone.


How dirty-minded!

The tips of Lin Wanwans ears were stained red immediately. Without thinking, she hung up the call.

This man looked so elegant. However, a filthy king lived in his heart!

Lin Wanwan patted her cheeks that were burning hot. She hailed a taxi to Ruan Baoers condominium. She opened the door and walked in.

"Baoer, Im here. You"

She stopped speaking as she saw the man who was sitting on the sofa, holding his chin with one hand.

"Hi." Tang Chen lifted his pair of charming, peach-shaped eyes and smiled evilly and lazily. "Dear, I havent seen you in a long time. Have you missed me?"

"" How did this god of plague find his way here?!

Lin Wanwan used a questioning gaze to look at Ruan Baoer, who was by the side. Ruan Baoer put down the apple she was peeling with a wronged look on her face.

"Sister Ball, this man is too mean. I didnt open the door for him and he climbed in from the balcony himself. He even threatened me to peel an apple for him. If I didnt, he would have taken off all my clothes and thrown me out!"

Lin Wanwans lips twitched. She walked over silently. She looked at the long pair of legs placed on the coffee table, as if he was the master of this household.

"Master Tang, is anything the matter?"

Tang Chen saw her look of unhappiness and he squinted both eyes slightly. "You dont seem too happy seeing me."

Who would be happy facing a god of plague?

Lin Wanwan forced out a smile and said, "No. Im just too surprised."

"Oh?" Tang Chen half-laughed and gave her a side glance. "Dont worry. I have something that will surprise you more later."

Lin Wanwan had an ominous feeling in her heart. Her eyes became more guarded too.

Tang Chen slowly stood up and walked towards the direction of the bedroom. He threw a sentence, "Come over here obediently. If you dont, Ill carry you over."

Lin Wanwan knew that this lunatic was capable of doing anything and she could only play along with him. She did not forget to throw Ruan Baoer a look, which meant to immediately contact Lu Zhanbei once she felt something was amiss.

Ruan Baoer nodded her head solemnly.

The looks exchanged between the two were completely seen by Tang Chen. He snorted and pretended not to see them. He leisurely walked into the bedroom.

Once Lin Wanwan had walked in, he immediately shut the door. This move frightened Lin Wanwan, and her face changed immediately. She was about to move when her wrists were pulled in an instant.

After a series of spins, she was pinned against the wall. "Tang Chen, let go of me!"