Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Homeless

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“Yes, Father, although Lin Wanwan made a fatal mistake this time, she’s still a part of our family. When she comes back, just let her reflect upon her actions. I believe that is sufficient punishment for her.”

Lin Qinghao didn’t want to entertain them. “I’ll be at my room.”

Tao Xinyue and Lin Siqing glanced at each other, and their merriment had never been so great.

Trash like Lin Wanwan wanted to become a star?

Never on their watch!

It was raining outside.

Lin Wanwan wandered aimlessly around the streets. Passers-by were bewildered as to why a child like her was left uncared for.

Her clothes were drenched, sticking to her perfectly proportioned body.

Her phone had been taken away, and her wallet was left at home. Lin Wanwan had nowhere to go and no one to go to.

Eventually, her instinct guided her back to the place where she had lived in her past life.

Because the rain was only getting heavier, she decided to find a shelter.

Just then, a vehicle zoomed past her. Lin Wanwan got the shock of her life, and mud splashed all over her body.

Staring at the disappearing car, she found it oddly familiar.


Lin Wanwan wiped her face clean and sat at a quiet corner under the bridge.

The wind gave her shivers.

On the other side of the bridge, the car that had sped past sat silently.

The owner of the car stared out of the window and gazed with dead eyes into blank space.

After a while, Gu Mo, who was on the watch, came back and reported, ‘Sir, Ms. Lin is there.”

Lu Zhanbei cleared his mind. His eyes slowly shifted to the curled up body far away.

Maybe it’s fate that always brought them together at this place.


Gu Mo wanted to ask Lu Zhanbei to help her, but recalling the scolding he got last time, he forced his mouth shut.

Lu Zhanbei kept his eyes on her; enigmatic eyes flickered with sentiments for a second and faded right away.

“Drive,” he ordered.


Gu Mo smacked his lips and prepared to leave.

“Wait.” Lu Zhanbei changed his mind abruptly.

Gu Mo stopped, but no further instructions were given to him. He followed Lu Zhanbei’s line of sight.

A passer-by dropped ten dollars in front of Li Wanwan, apparently overlooking her as a homeless girl.

To Gu Mo’s astonishment, Lin Wanwan picked up the note quietly.

“Thank you.”

She kept the note with care, deciding to buy a few buns later.

At that point, pride and dignity meant nothing before life and death.

As Lin Wanwan picked herself up from the dirt, she felt light on her feet. Before she knew it, she had collapsed to the ground.

Fever, it seemed.

If she died here, will anyone even notice?

Witnessing this, Lu Zhanbei’s thin fingers formed tightly into a fist. Frustrated, he glanced at Gu Mo, only to see him staring at her with sympathy.

This guy why is he not saying a word now? Wasn’t he really enthusiastic about her?

Lu Zhanbei jerked the door open.

Gu Mo was startled. He hurriedly took a black umbrella to shield against the drizzle.

He promptly caught up to Lu Zhanbei and asked with curiosity, “Sir, she hasn’t asked for help yet, aren’t you breaking your own rule?”

“Shut up!”