Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 390

Chapter 390 If Im Impotent What Will You Use In The Future

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Tang Chen lowered his head bit by bit. Lin Wanwans slight look of panic was reflected clearly in his playful, peach-shaped eyes.

"What are you afraid of?"

Lin Wanwan could not be bothered talking nonsense with him anymore. She lifted her leg and kicked him between his legs.

"Tsk." Tang Chen easily escaped this kick that had been meant for him to die without descendants. His long arms were still pinning her tightly against the wall. His big, powerful palms clasped her hands and wrists tightly. He said in an exaggerated tone, "Lin Wanwan, dont joke with your sex life for the rest of your life. If I become impotent, what will you use in the future? Are you going to get ample food and clothing by working with your own hands?"

Although these words were filthy, Lin Wanwan didnt have the same blushing look or feel of palpitating with excitement when she was being teased by Lu Zhanbei. She frowned and asked calmly again, "Tang Chen, why exactly are you looking for me?"



Lin Wanwan gritted her teeth and was about to give him another kick when Tang Chen laughed lowly. "Ok, the joke ends here. Lets talk about serious matters."

"If you have something to say, say it quick!"

Tang Chen didnt mind her impatient attitude. "Pass me your mobile."


Tang Chen glanced at her guarded expression and didnt say anything further. He directly grabbed her handbag, which was hanging on her wrist. He deftly avoided her movement of wanting to snatch it back and walked to the edge of the bed. He sat down, pulled open the zipper of the bag, took out her mobile, and flipped the phone book. After that, he looked at Lin Wanwan sullenly.

"Indeed, you have not saved my number."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. Even if she didnt save it, she could remember it clearly based on her current memory.

Tang Chen saved his number and even made a note.


After doing everything, Tang Chen placed the mobile back into the handbag. It was just that Lin Wanwan didnt realize that before he placed his hand in, he had stuck a small circle-like button into the most hidden place within the handbag.

"Here you go."

Lin Wanwan received her handbag. As she saw Tang Chen stand up, there was a hint of defense in her heart. However, he just yawned lazily and said, "Ill get going first."

Lin Wanwan frowned. Could it be that Tang Chen deliberately made a trip here just to tease her and save his number in her mobile?

Tang Chen smiled evilly. "What expression is this? You cant bear for me to leave?"

Lin Wanwan recovered herself and smiled coldly. She bent both legs and made a congratulatory bow.

"Sending off young Tang. Goodbye and take care!"

Tang Chen cast a meaningful glance at her. "Remember to lock the balcony door at night. Youre lucky today so Im letting you off. When I come back next time, the price for sending me off wont be so simple anymore."

After saying this, he left leisurely.

Once out of the condominium, Tang Chen got on the sports car that was parked near the entrance. The careless look on his face was long gone, and his good-looking eyebrows were coated with a layer of frost.

Tang Qiang glanced at his cold expression and could not help but say, "Young Master, was it necessary to do this? Mr. Qi has worked with you for so many years. He had never refuted your opinion before. If you dont wish for him to touch Ms. Lin, he wouldnt be doing it."

Tang Chen lit up a cigarette and blew out a mouthful of smoke. "Do you think I like Lin Wanwan?"


Tang Qiang had replied without hesitation. The amount of like that the young master had for Lin Wanwan was not just a little. He had never seen his young master liking a woman to this extent before.

"Then do you think Lu Zhanbei likes Lin Wanwan?" Tang Chen blew out another mouthful of smoke, and his eyes were slightly misty.