Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 391

Chapter 391 No One Can Mess With His Woman

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Tang Chen’s smile didn’t fade, but his voice was ice cold.

“He has always been standing against Lu Zhanbei. Having Lin Wanwan means he is holding Lu Zhanbei’s only weakness. On the other hand, she is one of my weaknesses as well. With her in his hand, he will not have to worry about me ending the contract with him. If I were him, I will definitely not miss this chance to kill two birds with one stone!”

That was why he had to have his guards up.

Tang Qiang had nothing to say.

There was a brief silence in the car. After thinking it through for a while, Tang Qiang continued, “Sir, you have been working together with Mr. Qi for a long time. Is it really worth it to tear this alliance apart for a woman?”

Tang Chen looked up and stared at him in the eyes.

It wasn’t particularly threatening, but it made Tang Qiang’s heart skip a beat as he put his head low.

“Are you comparing the weight of Lin Wanwan and Qi Junze in my heart?”

“” Tang Qiang didn’t dare to make a sound.

“He can never be on the same level as Lin Wanwan. There is only one Wanwan in this world while hundreds are waiting to be allied with me!”

Tang Chen dusted the cigar. His voice seemed unbothered, but it was firm.

“I understand!” Tang Qiang was rather startled by Tang Chen’s stand.

Tang Chen looked into the never-ending landscape zooming past as Lin Wanwan appeared in his mind.

He couldn’t lie to himself. It was certain! Lin Wanwan was the one!

And no one messes with the woman he likes!

Just two days later, Lin Wanwan entered the “Reaper’s Mask” studio.

When she shot “The Palace,” the opening ceremony was rather grand as reporters from most leading media platforms had attended it.

This time, other than several reporters from blog sites, there were only a few stray cats watching.

Luckily for her, her popularity had been steadily on the rise, and it did put some attention to “Reaper’s Mask” when the news got out.

“Why does Ball want to accept such a lame drama? Thriller? Not a fan!”

“I prefer watching her in romance shows.”

“What kind of crew is this? Be it the director or the actors. They are either new or outdated tier-eight stars. This is never going to work”

Although Lin Wanwan believed that her effort could bring this drama to fame, it still needed a crowd that’s interested in it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t matter how good the acting was.

Scandals were the easiest way to attract attention. However, Lin Wanwan didn’t like the idea of that.

Failing to come up with an idea, she decided to ask Si Han for help.

As lazy as he was, he still did his job as a manager. “Alright! Just leave this to me and focus on shooting.”

Lin Wanwan felt much better and focused on the shoot after hearing his reassuring words.

The drama was a unit drama. A total of five episodes would cover five distinct tales that would build up to the finale, where a huge plot twist would be revealed.

To take care of the female audience, the plot had been infused with love stories.