Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 392

Chapter 392 New Role

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The first story was about a girl who wanted revenge for her boyfriend who passed away in a mysterious manner.

Putting on a clean white shirt and casual pants, carrying a black backpack, she was a young and fresh tomboy.

With Jiang Zhimings call, Lin Wanwan took a deep breath and quickly got into character.

Under the tall building, a naked man lay still in a pool of blood with his eyes still wide open. Behind the cordon stood a large crowd.

The junior police at the scene sighed. "The third one."

Its the third case with the victim jumping off from building in a single month. There was no reason for the suicide, and neither was there any sign of struggle.

Lu Li, who studied at a university nearby, left after standing quietly in the crowd.

Back at school, she was running solo. Eating alone, wandering around the school aimlessly, not saying a single word. Everyone could tell that she was the type who was closed up in her own world.

After class, she found the officer in charge of the case and communicated by writing as she tried to provide help to solve the case.

The officers thought that she was a mute and didnt take her seriously at all.

Here came the first climax

When everyone was questioning her intention, she started articulating her thoughts. Her clear-voiced analysis of all moot details and how she came to convincing conclusions were jaw-dropping.

At that moment, someone finally recognized her. Lu Li, nineteen, was a genius who had an IQ of 180. She had claimed several championship titles for detective competitions around the globe and assisted in solving a chain murder when she was sixteen.

The room was filled with echoing applause.

Lu Li was no longer as high spirited after finishing her deductions. Despite going back to her old self, they could feel the confidence in her. It was something she was born with.

"Cut!" Jiang Zhimings powerful voice sounded in the studio. "Pass! Pass!"

He turned to Lin Wanwan and praised her wholeheartedly. "Excellent work! I have chosen the right person. Since the character has two drastically differing personalities, I was a little worried that you wouldnt be able to handle it. However, you have perceived them to perfection."

Lin Wanwan scratched her head and said humbly, "Thank you, Director Jiang."

The shoot carried on. Although the character required lots of script memorizing, it was nothing complicated for Lin Wanwan.

To hide her talent, she would occasionally pretend that she had forgotten the script.

Time flew by, and it was a week later. Work ended early. Lin Wanwan logged onto Weibo and posted a picture of her in makeup and costumes for the drama.

"Hi, everyone~ I am Lin Wanwans little brother."

Fans comments flooded the post the moment she tapped "send."

"Damn! Who is this hot boy? That exquisite face, those defined features. Dont hold me back, Im sleeping with him tonight!"

"Are you stupid? This is the male Ball! Aw~ How is he so attractive? Is this the new outfit on set? I am so going to watch it! This face is worth me licking my screen for a day!"

"She looks even better than boys. It feels kind of kinky"

"Now Im curious about the drama!"

Refreshing her feed, she was satisfied with the response. It seemed like she had the potential to become everyones prince charming.

A message popped up at this junction.

It was from Lu Zhanbei. "Are you still mad?"