Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 393

Chapter 393 Search For Husky

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Since the day Lu Zhanbei toyed with her, Lin Wanwan had decided to ignore him for half a month.

Lu Zhanbei didnt contact her afterward and that made her more pissed off! She felt like he didnt feel sorry at all.

Lin Wanwan overlooked the text and carried on scrolling through her Weibo. She came across a pet blog, and she started browsing through pictures of cats and puppies.

Raging Pit Bulls, cute Bichons, weird-looking Bulldogs, and always-smiling Huskies

When she saw the picture of a chubby Husky with its tongue out, she couldnt help but remember the Husky she had in her previous life.

Where is my beloved puppy now Si Han should have kept it, right?

Her mind was occupied with her pet, so she picked up the phone and called Si Han immediately.

"Si Dada, are you asleep?"

Si Han controlled the urge to strangle her as he squeezed words out of his lips. "I was."

Sensing his anger, Lin Wanwan quickly diverted his attention. "Do you have pets?"


"Really?" Lin Wanwan couldnt believe it.

"No!" Si Han was running out of patience. "Why are you asking me?"

"I want a pet dog, just checking if you have one already."

"You can buy one for yourself. What breed are you looking for?"



Si Han went quiet. Lin Wanwan guessed that he was thinking of Lin Xiaos Husky as she asked further.

"Ive heard that Lin Xiao had a dog when she was alive, is it with you now? I really want to touch the queens pet!"

Si Hans tone was harsh. "No."

"How can that be? Werent you her manager?"

"The dog disappeared after Lin Xiao passed away."

The last time Si Han saw it was at Lin Xiaos funeral. After the funeral, the dog seemed to have evaporated from this world. He had looked for it for a year, but not a strand of hair was found.

"Oh. I see." Lin Wanwan felt down.

Si Han caught the change in her emotions. "You seem to care a lot about that dog."

"Im Lin Xiaos fan, and Ive seen it on her Weibo. Im really curious how it looks like in real life."

"I see. Anything else?"

"Nope. Ill go and sleep now. Bye~"

Lin Wanwan cut the call and dropped to her bed.

There are so many dog traders out there. What if it was caught?

Lin Wanwans distress grew

Just then, her phones vibration went off, and a new message showed up in the notification.

It was Lu Zhanbei again. "Come down."

Lin Wanwan raised her brows. Hopping off the bed, she didnt make her way down but peeked through the window.

Under the bright street lights, she saw an SUV parked on the first floor. A slender figure stood by the car, and his face was barely visible.

Lu Zhanbei raised his head. Two stories apart, their sights met in midair.

Lin Wanwan thought about it and decided to drop him a text.

"Its not half a month yet. Im going to ignore you."

"Are you sure?"


"Thats unfortunate. I had a gift for you, but I guess Ill keep it for myself."

Lin Wanwan was not going to fall for it. "If thats all youve got, give it up. Im not losing to that same trick again."