Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 394

Chapter 394 Naughty Hands

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Soon, Lu Zhanbeis reply popped up. "What kind of surprise do you like then?"

Lin Wanwan was not prepared for a question like that. Thinking it through for a moment, she set the bar high. "Wait til you can take me to the sky."

Lu Zhanbei looked up at her and beamed as his slender fingers entered his reply.


Lin Wanwan glared at him.Tsk He thinks he can do something like that?

"Just to clarify, Im not talking about flying around in a helicopter or something."

"I know. Just follow me."

Lin Wanwan hesitated for a moment but couldnt oppose her curiosity. After changing into a casual outfit, she hopped into the car.

Gu Mo wasnt here today, so Lu Zhanbei was the one in the driver seat. She felt an intense and heated stare while tightening her seatbelt.

Her ears turned red as she avoided meeting his eyes.


Before she could finish calling out his name, she felt a strong pull. The next moment, she was sitting on the mans lap like she was riding a horse.

The man hooked her chin up, and his lips landed on hers before she could say a thing.


She did not see that coming.

His tongue made its way deep and broke down her defenses. Lin Wanwan couldnt get out of the mans firm grip no matter how hard she tried.Whatever!she thought. Instead of struggling to get out, she began to respond to the kiss, and her hand unbuttoned his shirt and made its way inside.

Her eyes shone as her hand reached his firm abs.This feels amazing!

If he could take advantage of her, she had all the right to enjoy the mans body as well.

Lin Wanwan outlined his muscles with the tip of her finger.

Lu Zhanbei breathed heavily as Lin Wanwans finger caressed his body. He locked onto her fidgeting paw as he tried to restrain himself from being lost in the moment. "Dont move."

Lin Wanwan coughed to ease the awkwardness as she kept her hands to herself. A hint of mockery was seen in her eyes.

"Lin Wanwan."


Lu Zhanbei buried his head in her shoulder. His deep voice was a killer to girls. "Can I treat you like a twenty-four-year-old?"

Lin Wanwan knew what he meant as she replied with a smile. "Lin Wanwan is only seventeen, and shes still a minor."

She emphasized the word "minor."

Lu Zhanbei tweaked his brows and forced the burning lust down. A disappointed sigh escaped his lips. "Right, you are still too small."

"" She felt like he was referring to something else.

Lin Wanwan shook her thoughts away. "All right. Youve had your fun. Lets get this straight: I have not forgiven you for what youve done. If anything like this happens again, you are going to stay single for life!"

Lu Zhanbei adjusted his posture and chose to ignore her.

Thirty minutes later, Lu Zhanbei arrived at the Yun Mansion.

In the living room, Lin Wanwan scanned around before turning to Lu Zhanbei in an aggrieved manner.

"Arent you going to take me to the sky?" Of course, she didnt believe that Lu Zhanbei would do it.

"Have a seat. Give me a moment." Lu Zhanbei strolled out of the room.

Sipping on the tea that Uncle Ying served, she waited for Lu Zhanbei to come back.

"Im back."