Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 395

Chapter 395 A True Surprise

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Lin Wanwan turned, and the next second, she met a pair of round doggie eyes.

Lu Zhanbei walked into the room with a patterned Husky. Three defined stripes of black fur waved fluffily as it breathed heavily with its tongue swinging in the air.

The sights of the pair met in the air.


"" Lin Wanwan was surprised at first. She didnt expect Lu Zhanbei to own a dog, especially a Husky.

However, she soon came to a realization of whom those signature three stripes belonged to. She said softly, "Tian Ba, is that you?"

The cute Husky was still sizing her up. When it heard her voice, it went berserk! Getting out of Lu Zhanbeis grip, it rushed over and leaped onto Lin Wanwan. Raising its head, it let out an eager howl.


Lin Wanwans excitement was replaced by speechlessness. She looked at Lu Zhanbei with swollen eyes. "Tian Ba was a dog when I left, how did it become a wolf after two years?"

Lu Zhanbei sniffled. "Its the great evolution of dogs."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at him and gave her attention to her puppy.

Rubbing her face against Tian Bas soft fur, she got all emotional.

"Tian Ba, do you still remember me after this two years?" she said as she held her tears back.

Another loud howl was certainly an affirmative answer. It seemed like Tian Ba had her locked in its memory.

Lin Wanwan sniffed as she patted its head. "No howling!"


"Good boy." Lin Wanwan leaned back, and Tian Ba hopped onto her lap naturally. Its head rested against her arms, and it crossed its back legs. It was a rather "seductive" pose.

Lin Wanwan laughed. "You are just the same as before."

Tian Ba glanced at her and tapped her hands with its paws.

"Yes, yes, Master Husky."

She spread out her fingers and ran them through its fluffy fur as it let out a satisfied groan.

Seeing this comforting scene, Lu Zhanbei was the only one that felt a little uncomfortable. He quietly made his way to Lin Wanwan and took the dog out of her arms.

"Its heavy. I will carry it."

"Woof!" Tian Bas legs waved in the air as it tried to get back to Lin Wanwan.

Lu Zhanbei tapped its head and said with a gentle voice. "You are almost thirty kilograms now. Your nutritionist said that its time for you to lose some weight. How about removing the chicken thigh and spam from tomorrows menu?"

Tian Ba stopped struggling in an instant and stayed quiet as Lu Zhanbei brought it away.

Lin Wanwan was astonished.Tian Ba had its private nutritionist?

This boy gets treated better than me

"Lu Zhanbei, thanks for taking care of Tian Ba. But, why is it with you?"

"After it got lost, I have ordered my men to look for it and eventually found it with a dog meat vendor."

"!" Hearing this, Lin Wanwan broke into a cold sweat.

Lu Zhanbei knew what she was thinking. "Its not like what you think. When I found Tian Ba, it had bit the vendor to unconsciousness and had let all the dogs in the shop go."