Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The Mysterious Mr. Lu

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The tension led the reporters to break out in a cold sweat. Even Lin Wanwan wanted to wipe away the nonexistent sweat from her forehead.

“Since you want to see, be sure to take a close look.”

Lu Zhanbei looked at Lin Wanwan. She gave him a side glance and blinked continuously, as if wanting to understand clearly what was going on from his eyes.

A very beautiful pair of eyes.

Lu Zhanbei suddenly changed his mind.

Lin Wanwan was still waiting for him to say something when it suddenly became pitch black in front of her.

A gentle kiss landed lightly on her eye.

It ended as quickly as it started.

Lin Wanwan did not even have the opportunity to reject. Then the man gave Tang Chen a leer and made to leave.

“If Sheng Rui Corporation closes its doors, I suggest you become a tabloid reporter instead. You’ll be outstanding.”


“Let’s go.”

Lu Zhanbei did not even look at the petrified reporters. He grabbed hold of Lin Wanwan’s slim waist. They left with him half-hugging her in an intimate posture.

The bodyguards in black who were originally standing on both sides of the corridor kept up.

Lin Wanwan could not help but look back. Was this Lu Zhanbei really not afraid of what the reporters would write?

What she did not know was that before Lu Zhanbei walked out of the corridor, the reporters had looked at one another and, of their own accord, started to delete the photos taken earlier.

The junior reporter who just joined the industry was quite reluctant.

“Why do we have to delete them? This is big news! Even young Tang did not say we have to delete them. Moreover, no one can ever stop us from reporting the facts!”

Another senior reporter said in a low voice, “I’m only going to tell you this once so listen up! No one knows who this Mr. Lu really is, or what his background is like, but based on observations, he is definitely one of the highly-ranked individuals on the list of people who cannot be offended in Xia country!”

The junior reporter’s face changed. He pointed his finger upwards. “Even if you compare with those above?”


The junior reporter looked down in fear and hurriedly deleted the photos.

The reporters packed up and quickly left, not forgetting to apologize to Tang Chen.

Tang Chen was the only person left in the luxurious suite.

He leaned against the head of the bed, as if spineless, and lit a cigarette. His lips curved, but all that formed in his mind was the image of Lu Zhanbei kissing Lin Wanwan.

The image disappeared and what next came to mind was her pair of crystal clear eyes. Yes, they were pretty.

“Lin Wanwan”

A dead person actually came back to life, and there was such a great change in her temperament. Her words and actions were so different from those of that rumored fool’s.

And that Lu Zhanbei. He actually came into the picture, which made the situation even more intriguing.

Tang Chen leisurely opened the drawer by the bed and took out a syringe filled with unidentified liquid. He played with it for a while in his hands.

“Lu Zhanbei, I don’t believe I’ll lose to you at dealing with women.”

A black, low-key Rolls-Royce was cruising smoothly on the highway.

Lin Wanwan glanced at the man sitting next to her, silently uttered thrice ‘I am a fool,‘ before asking innocently, “Dear, why did you help me?”

Lu Zhanbei ignored the name she used and casually replied, “I disagreed with what I saw.”