Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 40

Chapter 40 I Have A Better Way

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Gu Mo kept his mouth shut when he should have voiced out his thoughts. Now that Lu Zhanbei decided to help her, he started grumbling again.

“Gu Mo, I have decided to convert your year-end bonus to gifts.”

Gu Mo was confused. “What kind of gifts?”


Lu Zhanbei jumped into the rain, leaving his poor assistant stunned.

Gu Mo’s lips twitched in shock.

His bonus was almost equivalent to a small company’s annual profit. If it’s converted to that, he’d probably have more condoms than he would ever need.


He didn’t even have a girlfriend, why would he need it?

Crap! Sir! Don’t do this!

Meanwhile, Lin Wanwan’s willpower had kept her from fainting. Gripping onto the marble wall, she tried to control her trembling body and walk.

Before she even took her first step, her head went spinning, and she could only witness her own body falling to the ground.

At this moment, she felt a powerful arm encircle her waist.

Looking up with all her strength, she met a pair of peaceful eyes.

The man’s dark hair was drenched, messy yet alluring.

Lin Wanwan took a while to squeeze her words out, “Old man, please do me a favor and send me to the hospital. I’m begging you.”


Was this girl senseless or did the illness get to her brain?

Lu Zhanbei took her by her knees with his right hand and hugged her like a princess.

Lin Wanwan grabbed his collar, trying her best to make out who he was.

“Don’t take this chance to kidnap me please.”

“Shouldn’t I get something for not kidnapping you?” Lu Zhanbei played along while walking away.


Lin Wanwan took out the ten dollars she just got. Sounding like a billionaire, she said, “Here’s a blank check, write whatever you want!”

Lu Zhanbei was dumbfounded. Shoving Lin Wanwan into the car, he said, “We are not going to the hospital.”

Staring at the girl who was seeking to escape upon comprehending his words, he scolded, “Sit!”

Lin Wanwan snorted and didn’t stop her movements.

“Ever heard of a tumbler?” Lu Zhanbei asked suddenly.

Lin Wanwan looked at him, seemingly unable to grasp his words.

“After chopping the limbs off, fit the man in a roly-poly. After some time, the body will grow connected to it, becoming a living toy. Do you want to give it a try?”

Lin Wanwan shook and decided to remain obedient. Her face was sulking as if Lu Zhanbei was her greatest enemy.

Gu Mo quickly ignited the engine. “Sir, where are we going then?”

“The Yun Mansion.”

“Ok!” Gu Mo answered, not showing how surprised he was.

The Yun Mansion was where Lu Zhanbei lived. Even for close friends, it’s not a place easily accessible.

But now, he wanted to bring Lin Wanwan there.

Gu Mo couldn’t help but doubt the words Lu Zhanbei once said. Did Lin Wanwan really mean nothing to him?

Lin Wanwan leaned against the door. Her cheeks were flaming red, glamorous and enticing.

Lu Zhanbei’s hand reached for her forehead. Before he could, Lin Wanwan grabbed his wrist in suspicion.

“What are you trying to do?”

Her pale face and misty eyes made her seem like an abandoned cat. Lu Zhanbei showed a glimpse of sympathy.

“Get a sense of how bad your fever is.”


Lin Wanwan seemed to be contemplating what that meant. She straightened her body slowly and gave Lu Zhanbei a mysterious look. “I have a better way for you to sense it.”


Without any warning, Lin Wanwan bounced onto Lu Zhanbei’s body.

He was clearly not prepared for this. Before he knew it, her cold hand had lifted his chin, all he could feel was Lin Wanwan’s tender lips pressed against his own.