Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 400

Chapter 400 Its None Of Your Business

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Lin Wanwan had no choice but to follow her around.

It was her first time meeting Han Zixi, did she have to pretend like they were close?

Lin Wanwan subtly shook her hands off. "Im sorry, but I have made up my mind, I wont bother you any further."

Ignoring Han Zixis expression, Lin Wanwan walked up to the salesgirl. "I am looking at a car priced between half to one million. Do you mind showing me one?"

As she spoke, Han Zixis voice echoed. "Huh?"

She articulated with a shocked expression, "As a public figure, isnt it shameful to drive such a cheap car? Ive heard from Maner that you own a dress designed by Master Jennifer. How could you not have money for a better car?"

Maner Su Maner?

Lin Wanwan understood the situation. Han Zixi had been close friends with Su Maner. The pair often posted about their closeness online.

It seemed like Han Zixi wanted to take revenge for Su Maner.

Han Zixis harsh and sharp voice attracted quite some attention.

With so many people staring at her, Lin Wanwan smiled lightly. "The car is just a tool for the ease of travel. Also, its not up to you to decide if its shameful or not."

Han Zixi squinted her eyes, and her smile got even brighter than before. "Dont misunderstand me. We are working in the same industry, and Im just showing my concern. I know that you are not someone recognized yet. Otherwise, you wouldnt have taken a low-end drama like that. My The Consorts is airing soon and it might affect your ratings. Sorry about that!"

Heh! Mocking her for being broke, and stomping on her drama right after. Was she that bored?

Such arrogance was an eyesore to Lin Wanwan, but snapping back at her would affect her own image. Lin Wanwan turned back to the salesgirl. "Please."

Lin Wanwans attitude made Han Zixi feel like shed just punched a ball of wool. Her face sank.

Walking up to the salesgirl, Han Zixi raised her head like a proud peacock. "I want to test out this Porsche. If I like it, I will buy it right now."

The salesgirl couldnt contain her happiness. If she could seal the deal for a ten-million-dollar car, she could get a grand commission.

"Not a problem!" The smile on her face was rather ingratiating. "No wonder Ms. Han is the Queen of dramas."

After getting on Han Zixis good side, she turned to Lin Wanwan and acted nothing like she did before.

"Sorry, Ms. Lin. I will come back to you after helping Ms. Han out. I hope for your understanding." Her words seemed polite, but everyone could tell there was contempt in her tone.

Han Zixi still sounded gentle and considerate. "Im so sorry about that. Im not so free like you are. My manager has arranged events for me, and I have a perfume commercial to film just an hour from now. If you mind the wait, I recommend other 4S stores. Im pretty sure cars that cheap can be found pretty much anywhere."

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders. "Go ahead. You guys didnt have to explain all of that to me."

Her reaction made Han Zixi feel a sense of powerlessness as her smile faded from her eyes.

Maner was right. Lin Wanwan sure is an annoying woman!