Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 402

Chapter 402 Apologize Immediately

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Everyone was instantly stunned. They couldnt figure it out.

What was going on? Why was the sales director so courteous to a small-time celebrity who was here to buy a cheap car? It can even be said that he was respectful?

Han Zixis face flushed red. Upon recalling that she said no one here would have welcomed Lin Wanwan, she felt like shed been given a slap on the face. It was burning hot and painful.

Xia Na, who was a salesperson serving Han Zixi all along, suppressed the sudden panic that rose in her heart. She walked to the director and said in a low voice, "Lin Wanwans only here to buy a cheap car worth a few hundred thousand dollars. Why are you being so polite to her? You can just casually"

"Shut up!" Once Director Fan heard these words, he knew that she had definitely given Lin Wanwan the cold shoulder before. His heart beat rapidly and he shouted angrily at her, "You! Apologize to Ms. Lin immediately!"

Though being reprimanded in front of so many people, Xia Na felt that she was not in the wrong. She could not help but pour out her grievances. "I dont think Im in the wrong."

She glanced at Lin Wanwan and was not willing to take this lying down. "We all rely on drawing a certain percentage for our salaries. I personally think theres no need to waste time on someone whos not worth it. She"


The more she spoke, the more overboard she went. Director Fan listened until sweat started to form. If word of todays incident got into that masters ears, not only would they fail to curry favor with him, but they might also even offend him. If that happened, young master would tear him apart live.

"Xia Na, go to the finance department immediately to settle your salary. I hereby announce that youre fired!"

Upon hearing this, Xia Na felt that shed been struck by lightning. The other salespeople looked at one another.

Xia Na was definitely the employee with the best sales records in their 4S store. She was fired just because she had said a few sarcastic words to Lin Wanwan?

What was the background of this Lin Wanwan?!

A group of people recalled how they had mocked Lin Wanwan earlier and their faces turned white. They could not help but cast pleading looks at her.

After Lin Wanwan recovered herself, she understood what was going on. Needless to say, Lu Zhanbei had greeted them in advance.

"Director Fan" Xia Na wanted to defend herself.

Director Fan was afraid that she would continue to say insulting words to Lin Wanwan. He waved his hands to call two security officers over and have her forcefully dragged out. Only then did he say to Lin Wanwan, "Im very sorry that my staff has affected your mood. Please follow me to the VIP room. Ill personally apologize to you."

Lin Wanwan shook her head. "Theres no need for that. Im here only to buy a car."

"I understand." Director Fan quickly said to the intercom, "Drive over the car immediately."

A minute later, a white BMW drove over from the passageway.

The employee who drove the car got off and handed the car keys to Director Fan.

"Ms. Lin, you can do a test drive. If theres anything youre dissatisfied with, I can arrange to make modifications again."

"Ok, thank you."

Lin Wanwan received the car keys. At this moment, Han Zixi walked over in her high heels and glanced at the logo of the car. After confirming it was a BMW, she smiled.

"Lin Wanwan, I really didnt expect you to buy this kind of car thats worth five to six hundred thousand dollars. Whether its its appearance or performance, its unqualified to take its place in the higher circles. Why not reconsider?"

Han Zixi saw that the director here was respectful to Lin Wanwan and thought that she had a hand hidden. She didnt expect her to just be playing dishonest tricks. She could not tolerate the anger caused by being slapped in the face and decided to be sarcastic about it.