Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 404

Chapter 404 In Cahoots With Each Other

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"I" She knew that although she had attained a certain position in the entertainment circle, in the eyes of the people who had real power and authority, she was just a small ant that could be trampled to death at any time!

Upon witnessing this scene, the onlookers could not help but start to whisper excitedly.

"Whats the relationship between young Mo and Lin Wanwan? He actually personally modified the car for Lin Wanwan."

"Could it be that theres something going on between them?"

"Han Zixis in for it. With one word from young Mo, she wouldnt even know how she died. She was so mean and sarcastic before. Look at how honest she is now. She really deserves it!"

Han Zixis face turned pale. In the face of everyone mocking, gloating, or giving her pitiful looks, she opened her mouth and said, "Young Mo, sorry, I"

She tried to save the situation with an apology but, as she was too afraid, she couldnt even complete a sentence.

Mo Chen was annoyed and waved his hands as if he was flicking a housefly. "Get lost quickly."

Han Zixi felt like she got off the hook. She turned around and ran. She was in a sorry state. Her assistants were like quails and also quickly followed her out.

Director Fan asked questioningly, "Young Master, youre letting her off just like that?"

Mo Chen raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Your young master is a man who protects his home and defends his country, not a gang leader who likes to fight and kill."

"" He said it as if he didnt like to fight and kill.

"Young Master, Ms. Lins back."

Mo Chen also saw the car shadow that was gradually becoming clearer from the passageway. "Ill get going first. When Lin Wanwan gets the bill later, try your best to give it to her for free. If you cant, then just collect a few hundred thousands from her as a token."

"I understand."

Mo Chen quickly left the exhibition hall. Lin Wanwan also slowly drove the car over. She pretended not to see the onlookers strangely sizing her up. After getting off the car, she directly asked Director Fan, "I love this car very much. How much is it?"

Director Fan pondered for a moment, then smiled and said, "The original price is five hundred and eighty thousand dollars. Considering that this is Ms. Lins first visit and our employee had affected Ms. Lins mood, Im going to give you a discount. You just need to pay five hundred thousand dollars."

Lin Wanwan cast a meaningful glance at him. "Five hundred thousand?"

Director Fans heart skipped a beat when he saw how she looked at him. He said tentatively, "Actually, I can give further discounts. How about four hundred thousand?"

"" Why didnt he just directly say he could give the car to her for free?

Lin Wanwan pouted. "If its five hundred thousand, then its five hundred thousand. Ill pay by card."

It was as if Director Fan had solved a huge problem. He heaved a long sigh of relief. "Ms. Lin, please follow me here to do the necessary procedures."

After Lin Wanwan settled the procedures, she put on the license plate, got on the new car, and left.

As she passed by the parking lots outside the 4S store, she nearly collided with a Maserati. She looked up and saw from a distance that Han Zixi was seated in the car opposite her. A pair of resentful eyes swept over her.

Enemies were really bound to meet on a narrow road.

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. She steered the wheel and drove straight ahead.

As she stared at the car leaving, Han Zixi was so angry that she nearly bit off a silver tooth. She took a deep breath. Several ways to destroy Lin Wanwans reputation formed in her mind. However, when she thought of Mo Chen, she could not help but tremble.

Gritting her teeth, she dug out her mobile.

"Maner, I bumped into Lin Wanwan today."

Han Zixi repeated what had happened just now to her. In the end, she said with hatred, "That little slut is more cruel than what youve said. I have thrown much of my face today. I really want to get back at her, but theres someone protecting her. Im worried"