Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 405

Chapter 405 What A Thick Golden Thigh..

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“Zixi, hold your horses.” Su Maner’s gentle voice traveled to her ears. “It’s actually not difficult to get back at her.”

“You have an idea?”

“Since we can’t do it the wrong way, let’s do it the right way.”

“What do you mean?”

Su Maner said tirelessly, “Wouldn’t the timing of your drama clash with the drama that Lin Wanwan is starring in as the female lead? I believe that with your popularity, the ratings would definitely put Lin Wanwan behind by eight streets. When that happens, we can manipulate some things online and you can use her as a stepping stone to climb even higher, killing two birds with one stone.”

Han Zixi’s eyes lit up and the depressed feeling in her heart dissipated by more than half. “Maner, I heard that your godfather has a good relationship with Manager Gao from Jiangcheng TV station. Can you plead with him not to let the manager sign the contract for ‘Reaper’s Mask’?”

Su Maner hesitated for a while. She recalled how she had suffered under Lin Wanwan’s hands before and gritted her teeth. “Of course I can.”

Her eyes revealed hatred and her tone gradually turned colder. “I’ll tell my godfather to give out orders then that ‘Reaper’s Mask’ can only be broadcast from television stations that are not famous.”

“I’ll wait for your good news then.” Han Zixi squinted her eyes with hatred and did not forget to remind her, “We have to be careful with this matter. If that young Mo wants to come forward and help Lin Wanwan out, we will be in big trouble!”

Hearing her mention “young Mo,” jealousy arose in Su Maner’s heart.

She had heard about Mo Chen from Godfather and understood how strong his background was.

First Tang Chen, then Luo Han. Now, there’s another Mo Chen!

Why were all the outstanding men helping Lin Wanwan, that slut?

In which aspects were Lin Wanwan better than her, Su Maner?!

“You have thought too much. Lin Wanwan’s just a newbie who’s slightly famous. Young Mo is the heir of the Mo family. He himself works in the military department. Why would a specially privileged person like him fancy Lin Wanwan? At most, he just thinks she’s not bad-looking and wants to play with her. Do whatever you want to do. I’ll help you.”

Han Zixi thought about it and felt that what she said also made sense.

“Then I’m relieved. Maner, wait and see. I’ll definitely make sure Lin Wanwan can’t lift her head this time around, and I’ll help you get back at her too!”

“Ok.” Su Maner hung up the call. She could not help but laugh.

The more friends you have, the more options you have in life. These words were indeed true.

Especially if this friend was a smart alec. She could even use her as a tool.

Lin Wanwan parked the car at a secluded road and gave Lu Zhanbei a call.

“Little Beibei, where are you now?”

“Global Building.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan was so shocked that she nearly threw out the mobile in her hands. “Global Building?!”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

Lin Wanwan’s voice started to tremble. “Shengbei Global International Corporation is your company?”

The next second, she heard Lu Zhanbei acknowledge it with a sound. She instantly sucked in a breath of cold air.

Shengbei Global International Corporation was definitely the biggest corporation in Xia country. There was no other that could compare to it. Countless territories were under its name. They suppressed all the other big businesses with absolute power, becoming the commercial hegemon in Xia country.

It was a pity that the identity of the President of the corporation was a mystery. There was no news about it.

Oh my. She didn’t expect Lu Zhanbei to actually be the owner of Shengbei. No wonder he spoke louder than others. Based on the scale of Shengbei, the money earned in a day was definitely not what she could earn in a lifetime!

What a thick golden thigh

Lin Wanwan digested this shocking piece of information with difficulty. Lu Zhanbei’s next sentence shocked her so much that she couldn’t move.

“My branch office.”