Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 406

Chapter 406 The Queen Has An Order I Must Follow It

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"" Lin Wanwan was stunned.

The big corporation that was ranked number one in Xia country was actually just his branch office? What kind of big joke was this?!

He had the real rhythm of heaven, alright!

If these words were said by anyone else but Lu Zhanbei, Lin Wanwan would have snorted. She would only be absolutely convinced if they were said by him.

After being silently shocked for a long time, she swallowed her saliva. "Lu Zhanbei, how rich are you exactly?"

Lu Zhanbei thought for a while then calmly opened his mouth. "More than enough to provide for you for this lifetime."

The corner of Lin Wanwans lips twitched. He had thought too highly of her. A Shengbei Global Corporation was enough to provide for a thousand, no, ten thousand of her.

"Why are you looking for me?"

Upon hearing this question, Lin Wanwan then remembered the purpose of her call. "The queen has bought a new car. Im in a good mood and want to take you out for a ride today. Would you be willing to show me some face?"

Lu Zhanbei laughed lowly. "The queen has an order. I must follow it."

"Where should I fetch you?"

"The back door of the parking lot. Ill be down immediately."

"Ok." Lin Wanwan steered the wheel and drove towards the direction of the Global Building.

As the headquarters of Shengbei Corporation, the Global Building was one of the most iconic buildings in the Imperial Capital. When one looks up from below, the high-rise buildings that didnt seem to have an end were inserted directly amidst the clouds. They were magnificent.

Lin Wanwan drove to the back door of the parking lot. As the car stopped, she saw Lu Zhanbei, who was wearing a casual Western suit, slowly walking out from the parking lot.

She smiled and got off the car. Like a gentleman, she pulled open the passenger door and said, "Beauty, please get in the car."

"" "Beauty Lu" gave her a side glance and sat in proudly.

Since they were here for a ride, Lin Wanwan chose a more remote road. The foot on the accelerator gradually increased its strength and the speed of the car became faster and faster. The white BMW was like a bolt of lightning that flashed past.

"Lu Zhanbei, hows my car? Is the horsepower alright?"

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her careless profile and his eyes flashed slightly. "Not bad."

Lin Wanwan tilted her head and gave a slight smile. She looked harmless.

"I think its not bad too. Its weird though. A car from the BMW 5 series isnt known for its speed. Also, it is a lot worse compared to other world-famous luxury cars in other performances. However, no matter how I look at it, I feel that this car wins over a sports car worth over tens of millions of dollars. Tell me, why is this so?"

Lu Zhanbei looked into her meaning-filled eyes and didnt change his expression. "You have thought too much. This is just a very ordinary car from the BMW 5 series."

Oh, a dead duck was stubborn. He still didnt want to admit it.

When Lin Wanwan did the test drive earlier, she had already known that this car underwent strict modifications. Also, all the spare parts used in the modification were top-notch.

Lin Wanwan was about to produce evidence to refute his point when Lu Zhanbeis mobile rang. She casually glanced at the caller ID on the screen.

Mo Chen.

Seeing that Lu Zhanbei didnt pick up the call even after a long time, Lin Wanwan half-laughed and said, "Pick up the call. Remember to switch on the speaker. I havent seen Mo Chen for a long time and want to speak to him. No issues with that, right?"

Lu Zhanbei admitted defeat and silently pressed the answer button.

As the call got through, Mo Chens ambiguous and agitated voice immediately resounded throughout the space.

"Brother Zhanbei, Sister-in-law has already driven away the car that Ive modified for her. If youre satisfied, remember to give me a good comment. Also, I, your brother, have a tendency to be abused recently. Please throw me some checks to kill me!"