Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 407

Chapter 407 I Won't Be Bored Sleeping With This Woman For A Lifetime

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Lin Wanwan looked sinisterly at the man next to her. Lu Zhanbei had on a look of innocence.

She snorted coldly and cleared her throat. Then, she started to say, “Mo Chen, I’m very satisfied. However, I don’t have checks. Can I throw bricks at you?”

“” Mo Chen on the other end was strangely silent for a second. After that, he uttered a word, “F*ck!”

Du du du. The call was hung up.

Lin Wanwan looked towards Lu Zhanbei and deliberately dragged the long note. “Little Beibei~”

Facing her dangerous-looking eyes, Lu Zhanbei was still his graceful and elegantly calm self. He evaded the subject under discussion. “Do you want to know when I had confirmed my feelings for you?”

Lin Wanwan was stunned. Although she knew that he was obviously changing the topic, her curiosity was still hooked and she could not be bothered to condemn him.


“When you were racing at the age of seventeen.”

As he sensed the puzzlement in Lin Wanwan’s eyes, a hint of memory flashed past Lu Zhanbei’s eyes. His thin lips curved up slightly.

“That was the first time I saw you race. At the last stage of the track, you did a high-difficulty drift and overtook your opponent by half a meter to be the champion. I can still remember your smile then. At that moment I was thinking, even if I were to sleep with this woman for the rest of my life, I won’t be tired of it.”


Lin Wanwan could swear that when she heard the front part, she was really touched.

However, after listening to all of it heh heh! Who would believe him!

Lu Zhanbei tilted his head and met Lin Wanwan’s look of contempt. He continued to say, “I know you like to race to vent your frustrations when you are stressed. That’s why I gave you this car. However, I have confidence that you won’t feel any stress when you’re with me as I will always be by your side regardless of where or when.”

His expression was not affectionate at all. However, he said this simple sentence as if he was making a vow.

Lin Wanwan bit her lip hard and realized she couldn’t get angry anymore. Sigh, she was such a good-for-nothing!

When dealing with Lin Wanwan, it would be difficult to touch her heart with a soft tactic while a hard tactic would cause her to reject advances with irritation.

Lu Zhanbei had measured it just right. He had given something that she didn’t want in an overbearing yet gentle manner. The key was that this wouldn’t cause her to be angry at all.

“Forget it.” Lin Wanwan tilted her head and a ear that had turned red was revealed. She muttered, “It’s natural that you’re good to me anyway.”

Because, he was destined to be her boyfriend.

Of course, she would treat him very well too.

Lu Zhanbei heard her mumbles and could not help but lift his hand to cover the deep smile that had formed on his lips.

This female lone ranger was beginning to accept willingly what he had given. This meant that she had already recognized him in her heart.

“Queen, where’s the ride we spoke of?”

Lin Wanwan glanced at him. This man, who was usually indifferent in his expressions, was actually curving the corners of his lips up high. He did not hide the joy in his heart.

She was infected by it too. She smiled and said, “Beauty Lu, sit tight!”

After speaking, she slammed the gas pedal. The car sped ahead on the road like an arrow released from a bow.

It was rare for Lin Wanwan to be free. Since she hadn’t raced for quite some time as well, she took advantage of this opportunity to experience the thrill of racing.

It was not until the sky had turned dark that she reluctantly drove the car back to Yun Mansion. She wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Instead, she found Tian Ba, who was taking a stroll. She held it in her arms and hugged and kissed it.

“Tian Ba, I’ve come to see you. Did you miss me?”