Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 408

Chapter 408 : Going Back On Their Words

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Lin Wanwan picked up the leash. "Lets go, Ill take you for a walk!"

Tian Ba excitedly followed her.

Lu Zhanbei stood rooted to the ground, alone. His eyes squinted slightly.

Lin Wanwan actually didnt even cast a look at him

Perhaps his biggest barrier now wasnt Tang Chen.

Instead, it was a dog.

The next morning, Lin Wanwan was once again busy filming.

The second story was about a female celebrity in the entertainment circle who believed that raising a goblin would bring luck to oneself. As such, she took the risk of killing people to raise goblins. In the end, she didnt even let her own son off.

Lin Wanwan was quite interested in this subject and did the filming quite energetically. As she had ample time as well, the progress was relatively quick.

Just as they were about to finish filming this story, Director Jiang Zhiming slammed his mobile on the ground after receiving a call.

"What a bully!"

The rest of the people on the scene were shocked. They quickly surrounded him and asked questions fervently.

"Director Jiang, whats wrong? What happened?"

Lin Wanwan looked at Jiang Zhimings dejected look and asked tentatively, "Is the copyright issue of our drama not settled yet?"

Jiang Zhiming grabbed his hair out of frustration, and his anger did not dissipate. "Someone from Jiangcheng TV station just contacted me. They said that they had just produced a new drama and would like to place it on the 10 pm time belt on Fridays and Saturdays. Thus, they cant sign the contract with us anymore. Damn. We had already discussed this earlier. Now they are actually going back on their words!"

Upon hearing this, everyones face changed.

Jiangcheng TV station was a provincial-level TV station. Although the viewership was not as high as the Imperial Capital TV stations, it was alright too. Now that the other party had gone back on their words, Jiang Zhiming didnt know which TV station to approach and talk to about cooperation opportunities in such a short period of time.

"What should we do now?"

"Our production team had already mentioned in the previous interview that the drama would be broadcast a month later at the latest. Its now nearing that time, but we havent even found a broadcast channel. If word of this gets out, I dont know how big of a joke we will be!"

"Director, why didnt you sign the contract earlier with Jiangcheng TV station? Now that things have turned out this way what should we do?"

The bad news Jiang Zhiming delivered made everyone nervous. Some of them were resentful, some of them were worried, and some of them were anxious.

However, based on Lin Wanwans experience in the entertainment circle for more than ten years, she smelled a rat.

Jiang Zhiming and Jiangcheng TV station had discussed this before. Why did they suddenly go back on their words?

If news of such a practice of going back on ones word broke out, which production team would dare to have dealings with them?

Unless someone deliberately targeted them and used connections or other means to make the management of the TV station change their decision.

"Reapers Mask" was not a hot favorite right now and wasnt in the way of anyone. Who could have played tricks in the dark?

Lin Wanwans brain spun at a rapid rate. Using the exclusion method, she filtered out the big shots who were recently in contact with the creators.

Suddenly, a name formed in her mind.

It couldnt be that Han Zixi?

"Stop being so noisy!" Jiang Zhiming got a headache from the surrounding chatter. He could not help but shout, "Ill find another way regarding the broadcast channel. All of you just need to do your own job!"

Upon hearing this, everyone looked at one another and silently returned to their posts. However, they had heavy looks on their faces.

Lin Wanwan sat next to Jiang Zhiming and comforted him, "Director Jiang, dont be too troubled either. Just look for other cooperation partners."