Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 409

Chapter 409 The Matter Was Blown Up

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Jiang Zhiming laughed bitterly. "Its not that easy. When I tapped on Jiangcheng TV station back then, I had to rely on connections from an old friend. Those provincial and municipal TV stations with more stable viewership ratings dont fancy my low-cost production. If theres really no other choice"

He gritted his teeth. "It can only be broadcast on county-level TV stations or be turned into a webcast."

Lin Wanwan frowned. If it was really done his way, there would be a huge drop in caliber and there wouldnt be any guarantees in terms of ratings.

This was the first time she had encountered such a problem. In her previous life, for any TV drama that she was in, all the major TV stations would offer all kinds of benefits in order to get the exclusive rights to broadcast. The offer price would just keep increasing.

"Wanwan, Im really sorry. I might not be able to fulfill the promise I made to you when we signed the contract."

Seeing Jiang Zhimings sullen and depressed look, Lin Wanwan smiled. "The current situation is not as bad as you think. How do you know there wouldnt be a sudden glimpse of hope in the dark mist of bewilderment?"

Her words didnt seem to have comforted Jiang Zhiming. He lit up a cigarette, shook his head, and sighed.

Lin Wanwan retreated to the side and took out her mobile. She initially wanted to call Si Han. After thinking for a while, she decided to log on to Weibo first.

A hot news on the top captured her attention.

"Jiangcheng TV station fears collision with The Consort and doesnt hesitate to breach their contract with Reapers Mask!"

Lin Wanwan squinted both eyes, then opened the piece of news.

An insider had revealed this piece of news. Jiangcheng TV station had already planned to buy the exclusive broadcast rights for "Reapers Mask." However, as "The Consort" had started to broadcast yesterday, it had suppressed the other dramas in the same time belt and broke the ratings for the Imperial Capital TV station this year.

Jiangcheng TV station felt that "Reapers Mask" paled in comparison to "The Consort" in all aspects and didnt want to lose too badly. As such, it didnt hesitate to go back on its word.

After reading the full article, Lin Wanwan laughed coldly. This piece of news spread really fast.

One moment, Jiangcheng TV station had just informed Jiang Zhiming that it was going back on its word. The next, such a news had appeared on the Internet.

Aside from there being someone controlling things from behind the scenes, she couldnt think of a second answer.

Lin Wanwan opened the comments thread and continued to browse.

"Where did this Reapers Mask come from? Ive never heard of it before. Is it worthy to be compared to The Consort?"

"Ive seen the first two episodes of The Consort yesterday. Xixis acting skills was superb as usual. The few Little Fresh Meats were very handsome too. The plots not bad as well. Good review!"

"Lin Wanwan is the lead actress in Reapers Mask. I just searched for more information on it and its simply a low-cost production. Theres no highlight from the production team and no big names for the actors and actresses. Although the plot wasnt revealed, Im sure theres nothing interesting about it. It shouldnt even be compared to Zixis drama."

"Jiangcheng TV stations really far-sighted. If not, I dont know how badly they will lose."

Lin Wanwan logged off of Weibo coolly. It looked like she had guessed correctly. The mastermind behind all these was indeed Han Zixi.

It was obvious she was trying to make her suffer a huge defeat. It was difficult for an actor to accumulate good reputation. However, it took just an instant for it to turn from good to bad.

Lin Wanwan was not one to meekly submit to oppression. Han Zixi wanted to fight with her? Sure.

However, she didnt accept unfair competition!

After thinking for a while, Lin Wanwan decided to contact Si Han.

If it was her in her previous life, there would have been quite a lot of contacts and methods that could be used to alleviate this predicament.

However, her career had just started now. The people who could help her and whom she was willing to approach were only Lu Zhanbei and Si Han.

Lu Zhanbeis handling method was always simple and rude. If she approached him for this, she didnt know how much this matter would blow up.