Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 41

Chapter 41 I'll Be Your Wife

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With both their lips pressed together, Lin Wanwan let out a smug laugh. “Isn’t this idea great? I’ll recover when you get infected.”

Since both parties were not married, there was nothing wrong fooling around. After saying so, she bit Lu Zhanbei’s soft lower lip.

That pair of lips was strangely burning hot, and they immediately caused Lu Zhanbei’s cool lips to heat up.


Seeing this scene from the rearview mirror, Gu Mo almost drove the car into a ditch.

Master lost his first kiss? (Actually, it was lost a long time ago.)

Ms. Lin was really god-like!

“So comfortable”

When she found a cool and refreshing spot, Lin Wanwan, who was burning feverishly, instinctively wanted more, but she was lifted by the collar in the next second.

“Stop the car, throw her out!”


Gu Mo had yet to answer when Lin Wanwan let out a scream. She hugged Lu Zhanbei’s lean waist and cried, tears streaming down her face.

“Uncle Lu, Brother Lu, Dear. I’ll be your maid, I’ll be your wife. I’m scared of pain, so please don’t throw me out”


Gu Mo, who was driving, nearly burst out laughing.

Thinking about Sir finding a fool as his wife there was a strange feeling to it!

Lu Zhanbei saw the tears and mucus on his shirt, and his handsome face darkened.

“Let go!”

“No I won’t!”

Lin Wanwan thumped his chest with a wronged look on her face. She did not notice that this man’s face was now as black as a pot.

He resisted the urge to strangle her. Head aching, he pinched his eyebrows. “Let go, I won’t throw you out.”



Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan obediently let go.

Lu Zhanbei took off his coat and prepared to take off his shirt. He inadvertently sensed Lin Wanwan staring at him and immediately stopped. He lay back, his long legs overlapping, and did not utter a sound.

Lin Wanwan curled her lips. “So stingy!”

She was dirty too, but now was obviously not the time to bother with that.

Lin Wanwan learned Lu Zhanbei’s way of conserving energy by closing her eyes. Both her hands hugged her chest, trying to retain some heat in her freezing body. She fell asleep before she knew it.

In a state of confusion, she felt as if someone had lifted her up.

This embrace was so warm that she did not want to let go. Her brain was getting more confused by the minute, and she felt as if she was both awake and dreaming at the same time.

“Welcome back, Sir.”

The butler Uncle Ying led the servants, who were standing in two rows, to greet him.

Lu Zhanbei acknowledged with a sound and walked onto the red carpet on the hallway.

Gu Mo leaned against the car door and had a look of admiration for a hero.

Go for it, Dear! Work hard at winning over Sir!

Stopping in front of a bedroom, Lu Zhanbei kicked open the door and placed Lin Wanwan on the bed. He told the female servant who had her head low at the door, “Wash her clean.”

After saying so, he unbuttoned the ruby blue collar on his shirt and was about to leave.

The girl who seemed to have fallen asleep on the bed suddenly jumped up and pounced on him with accuracy.

Unprepared for this, Lu Zhanbei swayed a little due to the collision. He stared at the girl who was hanging on him, showing a cold expression on his face.

“Don’t leave me”

People were exceptionally vulnerable when they were sick. Her weak voice made Lu Zhanbei loosen up his cold expression for a moment.

“I’m going to take a shower.”

“I’ll shower with you.” She answered without thinking.

Lu Zhanbei could not tolerate it any longer. He removed her hand from him, flung her to the bed, and instructed the female servant, who had been stunned long ago.

“Give her a shower, and wash her brains at the same time.”

“ Yes.”

As Lu Zhanbei walked to the door, a loud wail could be heard from behind him.

“All of you bully me! Lu Zhanbei, I thought you would treat me well. The Lin family doesn’t want me anymore. Now you want to get rid of me too. You you heartless man!”