Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 412

Chapter 412 This Was A Trick. How Ruthless.

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As Lu Zhanbei looked at Si Hans back as he left, his lips curved up slightly.

It looked like he didnt understand what can be expressed without using words.

Out of an obligation of being a friend he had already given Si Han a reminder. Anything more than that, he wouldnt reveal.

As he thought of the intimacy between Lin Xiao and Si Han previously, a hint of darkness flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes.

It was good Si Han didnt also know about it. This secret only belonged to the two of them.

Due to rumors on the Internet and Jiang Zhiming not having found a suitable TV station, the atmosphere of the production team was quite low recently. Most people looked lifeless.

Only Lin Wanwan alone did her filming as usual.

During the break, Ruan Baoer walked over with a dessert box. "Sister Ball, Im here to see you. I even brought you a gift!"

"Thanks." Coincidentally, Lin Wanwan didnt have lunch. She immediately started to enjoy the food.

Ruan Baoer was leaning on her shoulder, as if spineless, and was lazily playing with her mobile. Suddenly, she sat upright fiercely. Her big, watery eyes widened.

"Oh my!"

Lin Wanwan, who was busy eating, glanced at her. "Whats wrong?"

"Come and look at this quick!"

Lin Wanwan stretched out a hand and received the mobile Ruan Baoer handed to her. She scanned through the contents on the screen and the smile on her face immediately fell.

Ever since "Reapers Mask" made the top news headline recently, it was being repeatedly compared to "The Consort."

Although "Reapers Mask" was always being hated on by everyone, the amount of attention it was receiving had been increasing.

What Lin Wanwan didnt expect was that it had only been two days since she last logged in to Weibo but the trending topic on the Internet had transformed from the comparison between the drama series to the battle between the female leads.

Someone had slammed "Reapers Mask" for being too rubbish. Even Lin Wanwan, who was considered the highlight of the drama, could not compare to Han Zixi, and thus, it wasnt worth watching.

At this moment, Lin Wanwans fans decided to call it quits.

Ball fans retaliated by producing the fact that Lin Wanwan had won two awards at the Silver Deer Movie Festival before while Han Zixi was not even recognized by the public in the two popular movies she starred in.

Han Zixis fans were not willing to lag behind. They mentioned Han Zixis title of "Queen of TV Dramas" and explicitly expressed that "Reapers Mask," which Lin Wanwan was the main lead in, would suffer a huge defeat.

In an instant, the two factions argued relentlessly.

A few Ball fans jumped out later and proposed a bet on the ratings of "Reapers Mask" and "The Consort." If Lin Wanwan lost, they would admit that Lin Wanwan was no match to Han Zixi.

Han Zixis fans naturally accepted the bet.

Upon seeing this, Lin Wanwan laughed coldly and pinched her eyebrows.

"Reapers Mask" had currently not even found a good broadcast channel yet, whereas "The Consort" had already broken this years ratings.

In the eyes of Han Zixis fans, "Reapers Mask" would definitely lose. If these people were real Ball fans, why would they propose such a bet?

It was obvious this was a trick.

If she really lost, not only would she lose her face, her fan base would also be swayed.

Han Zixi was really ruthless!

"Sister Ball" Seeing Lin Wanwans cold expression, Ruan Baoer shouted for her worriedly.

Lin Wanwan took a deep breath and recovered her usual calmness. "Im alright."

Ruan Baoer also understood the current situation. A hint of struggle flashed past her eyes. In the end, she gritted her teeth. "Dont worry, I wont let you lose. At the very most, Ill"


Lin Wanwan interrupted her and smiled slightly. She looked proud as she said, "Baoer, Im not worried. You dont have to do anything. You just need to watch how I slap those villains faces."

She knew that Ruan Baoer didnt come from a simple background. However, this was too small a trouble for her to bother with.