Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 413

Chapter 413 Dont Be Happy Too Early 1

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As long as Si Han helped to contact a TV station for cooperation opportunities, based on the quality of and current attention on "Reapers Mask," it was still unknown who would lose!

At the same time, Jiang Zhiming, who had just finished a call, shouted excitedly, "Everyone, come here quickly. I have a piece of great news to announce. Its the best news in the world!"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan smiled. It was finally here.

Inside a luxurious condominium in Mingyue District, Han Zixi, who was the talk of the town recently, wore a set of comfortable home clothes. She held up the glass of wine that had a thick red luster.


Su Maner, who was sitting opposite her, clang glasses with her. She let out a breath of air faintly.

"Zixi, congratulations. The Consort had already broken all the TV drama ratings this year. It looks like no one can take away your title of Queen of TV Dramas this time around."

Han Zixis eyes revealed a proud smile, but she maintained a humble look.

"How can I compare to you, Maner? You are the widely known big-shot actress and goddess in Xia country. Even if I were to work hard for another ten years, I cant possibly catch up with you."

Su Maner gave her a look. "Ok, lets not flatter each other anymore. Lets talk about serious matters. I heard that Reapers Mask hasnt signed the contract with any TV station. I have already gotten my godfather to arrange for a country-level TV station to find Jiang Zhiming tomorrow. Jiang Zhiming would definitely sign the contract as he has no other options. Lin Wanwan would definitely lose the battle between you both!"

Han Zixi raised her charming eyebrows. "Then I must thank you, my dear."

Su Maner smiled beautifully. "You are my best girlfriend. Of course I have to help you. Furthermore, your conflict with Lin Wanwan started because of me. I have always felt bad about that in my heart."

Han Zixi recalled the incident at the 4S automobile store and her face fell instantly. Her eyes shone with resentment.

"That little slut. She caused me so much embarrassment previously. Im going to retaliate tit-for-tat this time! I want everyone in Xia country to know that Lin Wanwan is my defeated opponent and that she cant compare to me at all!"

"Zixi, youre not far away from victory." Su Maner smiled proudly when she thought of how Lin Wanwan would be given another lesson this time around. "Lets not talk about such unhappy things anymore. Ill clang glasses with you as a form of celebration in advance."


The two of them clang glasses. Just as they were about to drink the wine, Su Maners mobile suddenly rang.

"Its my agent."

After picking up the call, her smiling face changed instantly upon hearing the other partys words.

She stood up fiercely. Her right leg accidentally kicked the corner of the table and knocked over the wine glass on top of it.

Amidst the crackling sounds, she blurted out, "This is impossible!"

Han Zixi saw her look of shock and immediately asked, "Maner, whats wrong?"

Su Maner hung up the call and sat down slowly. She looked very gloomy.

"My agent said that Reapers Mask has already signed the contract with the Feng Capital TV station, and the broadcast time is the primetime belt on weekends."


Han Zixi was stunned for a few seconds before reacting. In a state of shock, she said the exact same words as Su Maner.

"This is impossible! The Feng Capital TV station is a big station that can advance at an equal pace with the Imperial Capital TV station. Havent they always produced their own dramas? How did they sign a contract with Reapers Mask and even give them the primetime belt? I dont believe that that kind of production team is that capable. Someone must have interfered!"