Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Dont Be Happy Too Early 2

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Su Maners face fell and she didnt say a word.

In order to let Godfather convince Jiangcheng TV station to go back on its word, she didnt hesitate to accompany that old man for a day and a night. She was bruised all over, all because she wanted to suppress Lin Wanwan.

In the end, Lin Wanwan had now obtained an even better opportunity!

Everything she had done became useless Damn it!

Han Zixi no longer had that smug look on her face. She started to panic and asked, "Maner, what should we do now? Could it be that young Mo is helping Lin Wanwan? Tang Chen too! If its really them, then then Im done for!"

"What are you panicking for!" Su Maner scolded and forced herself to calm down.

"If its really the two of them, do you think you can still sit here perfectly fine right now? Lin Wanwan was just doggone lucky this once. Youre stronger than she is in all aspects. So what if this competition is to be conducted in all fairness? Dont you have the confidence to win against her?"

Upon hearing this, Han Zixi calmed down slightly. "How could I lose to Lin Wanwan, that newbie? I, Han Zixi, am true to my name of the Queen of TV Dramas!"

"Then thats correct. Isnt it more fun to win against her with our capabilities?"

Han Zixi thought of how she had watched Lin Wanwans "Hello, My Sunshine" previously in order to understand her better. A trace of uneasiness could not help but flash past her heart.

However, upon thinking how "The Consort" had broken the ratings at present, she immediately calmed down.

Indeed, Lin Wanwan had some acting skills. However, compared to her, she was still a little too tender.

This time, she was going to defeat Lin Wanwan fair and square!

When Lin Wanwan learned that Jiang Zhiming had signed the contract with Feng Capital TV station, she understood this was to Si Hans credit.

However, what exactly did Si Han do to make Feng Capital TV station sign the contract with "Reapers Mask" under immense pressure and the possibility of losing their reputation?

Wait, she recalled something!

The daughter of the manager from the Feng Capital TV station seemed to be a die-hard fan of Si Han. Even in her dreams, she had wanted to sleep with him.

Could it be Si Han sacrificed his own body in order to help her?!

This was really a great sacrifice then!

Lin Wanwan was very touched. She took out her mobile and sent a message to Si Han.

"Si Han, boohoo. I will definitely be very good to you from now on, and I wont be angry at you anymore. Even if you are sharp-tongued towards me in the future, I will also tolerate it. I will also not interfere in your battle with Baoer again!"

With regards to this deeply touching short message, Si Hans reply was as follows:

"If youre sick, go and see a doctor. If your feelings are too intense, then date a man to have sex."

Lin Wanwan clenched her fists and closed her eyes. She said to herself silently in her heart:Remember, Si Dada sacrificed his body for you. You must know how to be thankful.

After repeating it silently thrice, Lin Wanwan finally calmed down. She logged on to Weibo and planned to see how the public discussion was going on the Internet now.

Jiang Zhiming had already officially signed the contract with the Feng Capital TV station. The primetime belt on weekends had also been secured as the broadcast time.

A lot of netizens were shocked when this news was revealed. Most of them expressed that the Feng Capital TV station was blind this time around to have actually bought the exclusive broadcast rights for such a lousy drama. There were also a few who felt expectant.

The previous competition was too unfair. Now that both dramas were on the same starting line, it was something more worth seeing.

However, despite this, almost everyone felt that "Reapers Mask" was definitely going to lose.

Lin Wanwan was refreshing the comments when, suddenly, there was a Weibo notification that somebody had added her, and it was not just one person.