Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 418

Chapter 418 Lost.. Actually Lost..

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“The ratings would probably take an hour to be collated. Let’s wait a while longer.”

“” Han Zixi seemed not to have heard her words as she was immersed in her own world.

Lin Wanwan did not say anything further and closed her eyes to rest.

For a period of time, the room was so quiet that only Han Zixi’s slightly heavy breathing could be heard.

After an unknown time had passed, the sound of a mobile phone ringing suddenly broke the silence.

Lin Wanwan opened her eyes and swept past Han Zixi’s lost look. She raised her eyebrow and reminded her, “Your mobile.”

Han Zixi knew that it was her agent who was calling. She had already told him beforehand to immediately inform her once the ratings were out.

Han Zixi felt goosebumps, and a hint of fear was revealed in her eyes.

She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. She trembled and took out her mobile. Her expression was like that of a drowning man grabbing hold of a piece of floating wood. Her expectant look was mixed with a trace of trepidation.

“What’s the result? Did I win? Wang Yuan, tell me that I won. Am I right?!”

Lin Wanwan glanced at her. Actually, Han Zixi already had an answer in her heart. However, there was still a trace of hope.

“Zixi, you lost. The rating of ‘Reaper’s Mask’ was higher than ours by two points, and it became the new champion of TV ratings this year.”

As the room was extremely quiet, Lin Wanwan could also hear that agent’s voice.

She was not at all surprised by this result.

As long as both dramas were based on the premise of fair competition, “Reaper’s Mask” would definitely not lose.

If she was not confident in this script, she wouldn’t have willingly accepted it then.

Compared to Lin Wanwan’s calm look, the color gradually drained from Han Zixi’s face. Her hands trembled, and the mobile in her palm slipped to the ground with a loud cracking sound.

She didn’t look at it. Her eyes were scattered and her face was as pale as paper.


She actually lost

At this juncture, she no longer cared about the face she had thrown or how she would be mocked. However, the price she had to pay for this failure was what she could not afford, ever.

Regardless of whether she had to go into hiding or she had to fulfill the bet and leave the entertainment circle, she was not willing to take this lying down!

After all the calculations, she thought she would get a big win. She didn’t expect herself to lose everything in the end!

Lin Wanwan put the iPad into her bag. “Since the results are already out, I hope you can execute our bet. I will not accept you going back on your word. Goodbye.”

Han Zixi looked at Lin Wanwan’s calm look and her heart was filled with a very scary thought of hatred.

Suddenly, she giggled. “Lin Wanwan, do you think you can walk away?”

Lin Wanwan, who had already stood up, suddenly felt her body soften and she fell onto the sofa.

She frowned and looked towards Han Zixi. “You drugged the tea.”


Han Zixi seemed to have calmed down for a moment. She flirtatiously played with her hair and walked step by step to stand in front of Lin Wanwan. She looked at her from atop.

“There are actually two purposes for why I came looking for you today. Number one, I wanted to egg you on and accept the bet. If I win, you just have to leave the entertainment circle. Number two, if I really lost I will leave the entertainment circle. However, I will let you suffer a hundred times worse!”

She casually picked up the fruit knife on the table and slowly touched the surface of the knife. That strange smiling face was reflected on the shiny blade.

Han Zixi used the back of the knife blade to pat Lin Wanwan’s face. Seeing her terrified look, she could not help but laugh out loud.