Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 419

Chapter 419 I'm A Professional Actress

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“Lin Wanwan, you’re capable of fear too? However, don’t worry. I won’t kill you. I just want to use this knife to ruin your beautiful face. When the time comes, not only would you not be able to survive in the entertainment circle, you would also be an ugly freak that will be mocked for life. Hahaha!”

“You’re not afraid to go to jail if you hurt me?” Lin Wanwan started to shiver.

Han Zixi snorted coldly. “Long before I came to find you, I have already sold all the assets under my name. An hour later, I will leave Xia country and never return. Even if you call the police, Xia country’s police would never be able to catch me overseas!”

Since she couldn’t escape from the fate of no longer being able to survive in the entertainment circle, she thought it was best to take advantage of this opportunity and get revenge. She wanted Lin Wanwan to end up in a state a hundred times worse than hers. Only then could she relieve the hatred in her heart!

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan knew that Han Zixi had arranged everything this time around.

“This is the consequence you get for daring to offend me!”

Han Zixi smiled ferociously after shouting. She raised her arm and stabbed fiercely in the direction of Lin Wanwan’s face.

She initially thought that this knife would have stabbed Lin Wanwan until she screams pitifully.

However, when the tip of the knife had just fallen, a slender, fair-skinned hand stretched over like lightning and gripped Han Zixi’s wrist firmly. It was so strong a hold that she let out a pitiful scream and loosened her grip.

“Ah” The fruit knife fell to the ground and produced a crisp sound.

Lin Wanwan twisted her wrist. Han Zixi was forced to half-kneel on the floor. As she found it too painful, her expression became twisted.

“Ms. Han, you’re really not too smart.”

Han Zixi shouted in disbelief, “You obviously drank the tea. Why are you fine?!”

“Not everyone is as stupid as you are.” Han Zixi was obviously up to no good. How would she not have been guarded?

She had long since secretly spat on the paper towel the sip of tea she drank.

The last moment, she was still an executioner. Now, she became a piece of meat that was at the mercy of others. Han Zixi was not willing to take this lying down and said, “Then why did you put on such a weak look just now?!”

Lin Wanwan smiled slightly. “In terms of acting, I’m a professional.”

Even if Han Zixi was stupid, she knew that she was being played now. She gritted her teeth in hatred. “Lin Wanwan, what do you want?”

Lin Wanwan picked up the fruit knife that had fallen to the ground. She used the surface of the knife to reflect her own face. After that, she cast a meaningful smile at Han Zixi.

“What else?”

As her words fell, she waved her hand that was holding the knife. The blade was aimed straight at Han Zixi’s face.


Han Zixi let out a pitiful scream. The blade had not even touched her yet when she rolled her eyes and fainted.

Lin Wanwan was a little speechless. She didn’t expect this woman to be so scared that she fainted when she was only making strokes in the air.

She flicked her hands and prepared to leave.

At this moment, following the sound of the door opening, a round of applause sounded.

Lin Wanwan subconsciously tilted her head and met a pair of mysterious eyes.

“Why are you here?”

“Lin Wanwan, can’t you give me a chance at being the hero to save the damsel in distress so that I can take advantage of your gratitude to take advantage of you?” The obvious dissatisfaction between Lu Zhanbei’s eyebrows was easily visible.

“” Did he have to be so straightforward?

Lin Wanwan lifted her chin and said with a seemingly strong aura, “I am very formidable. Bow down to your queen now!”

Lu Zhanbei thought about the Internet language he had learned a few days ago. He could not help but raise his eyebrows. “If you want me to go on my knees and propose, you can just say so. No need to be so tactful.”