Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Let's Sleep Together

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Her cries caused Lu Zhanbei to develop a throbbing headache. If looks could kill, Lin Wanwan would have died a thousand times over.

He signaled with his eye for the female servant to leave. He walked up in big strides and stared down at the crying girl seated on the bed. He asked with a tolerant look, “What exactly do you want?”

Lin Wanwan let out an evil smile and patted at the space next to her.

“Come, let’s sleep together.”

And she just said to shower together with him.

She was indeed delirious from the fever.


“Yes, yes”

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes dangerously. “Ok. You better not regret it.”

Lu Zhanbei unbuttoned his shirt roughly, as if it was on fire, and gradually revealed a firm chest.

Lin Wanwan held her gaze on those beautiful muscled lines. She could not help but reach out, trying to touch the Apollo’s belt, which would have felt good in her hands.


Her wrist was clasped tightly, and with a spin, she was pressed under Lu Zhanbei’s body.

That moment, the atmosphere changed. It became ambiguous.

“Why do you look so angry?”

Lin Wanwan did not seem to realize what the man’s dark expression meant. Her clear eyes were covered with a fascinating wave of light; her expression was innocent, like a child’s who was still ignorant. That moment, Lu Zhanbei recovered himself.

Thinking of his childish thoughts, he could not help but hold his head.

What was going on? He was actually affected by a little girl.

Lu Zhanbei turned over. Not giving him the chance to get out of bed, Lin Wanwan quickly wrapped both her hands around his waist.

“Sleep, sleep.”

She patted his back, as if coaxing a child.

Lu Zhanbei had a headache. He closed his eyes and could not be bothered with her.

Not long later, Lin Wanwan started to speak again.

“Lu Zhanbei, do you know what my third request is?”

Lu Zhanbei’s eyebrow moved slightly.

“I want to go back”

Lin Wanwan murmured in a dream-like state.

“I don’t want to be Lin Wanwan anymore Nobody loves me here Nobody welcomes me But I can’t return anymore. So, for this third time, I will not use this request no matter what. I will continue to use this to tease you, so that you’ll owe me forever That way, even if I die, there will be someone who remembers Lin Wanwan”

Her confused look and bleak tone formed a strong contrast.

Lu Zhanbei rubbed his lips lightly and turned around. He parted the strands of hair drenched with sweat from her face and said plainly, “You will not die. This is my promise to you forever.”

He would not let her make endless demands, but he would make sure she remains alive.

Lin Wanwan seemed to hear what he said, but also seemed not to. She peeled open her lower lip and continued to mumble.

“Thinking about it, it’s all your fault. You’re so stingy to only give me three requests for help. Actually, I’m not that greedy. Just give me one hundred requests.”

“” This was not considered greedy?

She looked angry and small curled up in his embrace. It made Lu Zhanbei feel that he was raising a daughter. His lips curved, and his cold gaze softened.

“In that case, I’ll let you keep the rights for your third request. I’ll give you another one. What do you want?”

“A real man?” Lin Wanwan seemed to be awake suddenly, and her eyes shone.

“ Never goes back on his words.” Lu Zhanbei had a feeling he had been tricked.

“Help me beat up Lin Qinghao, Tao Xinyue, and Lin Siqing. Beat them up to a state where they can’t even have proper sex lives.”


Seeing that he really promised, Lin Wanwan looked like she had seen a ghost.

“I was joking. You didn’t take it for real right?”

Lu Zhanbei resisted the urge to throw her out. “Treat it as if I didn’t say anything just now!”