Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 420

Chapter 420 Taking Advantage Of Her

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Lin Wanwan was speechless in her despair. For such an interpretation, she gave an infinite negative score.

"You think too much."

"Oh, I understand." After thinking to himself for a while, Lu Zhanbei revealed a bright and cheerful look.

Lin Wanwan was about to ask him what he understood when she found herself suddenly being embraced by him.

When he saw that she had yet to react, Lu Zhanbeis beautiful thin lips landed at once. He kissed her gently on her full red lips, and the tip of his tongue brushed past the surface of her lip lightly.

"However, I still like to lick you while Im standing."

"" Lu Zhanbei should absolutely die early!

Lin Wanwan no longer wanted to bother with this man who wanted to take advantage of her anytime and anywhere. She patted her red cheeks as if nothing happened.

"What do you want to do with this woman?" Lu Zhanbeis eyes swept past Han Zixi, who was lying on the ground.

"I have already recorded the conversation about our bet previously. As long as I back this audio up and send it to Han Zixis agency, they would naturally know what to do."

If this audio was exposed, the companys reputation would be affected as well. They would never sacrifice their reputation just for an artiste.

Lu Zhanbei thought about what Han Zixi had done to Lin Wanwan and a trace of cold light flashed past his eyes. "Hand over the audio to me. Ill get someone to send it. You can save some time to see Tian Ba."

Lin Wanwans thoughts were good. However, she had just started her career with a new identity and did not have enough rights to speak yet. What she was doing was equivalent to threatening a powerful agency. It was difficult to guarantee that they would not fly into a rage out of humiliation.

"Ok." Lin Wanwan was pleased and agreed.

Lin Wanwan handed Lu Zhanbei the follow-up matters. Then, she happily went to find Tian Ba so they could play together.

Tian Ba hadnt seen her for a few days and was extremely sticky towards her.

Lin Wanwan disregarded Lu Zhanbeis resentful gaze and walked Tian Ba in the garden.

"Damn dog, run slower!"

Tian Ba was so happy that it was speeding. Pain was felt in Lin Wanwans hand, which was holding the leash.

This was not her walking the dog. It was the dog who was walking her!

"Woof woof!" Tian Ba looked at her. A trace of contempt was actually reflected in its round eyes.

Damn. She was actually being despised by a dog!

"Damn dog, stay there. See if I dont beat you up!"

Lin Wanwan chased it out of exasperation. Tian Ba quickly sprinted ahead.

As Lin Wanwan and Tian Ba were having crazy fun, the Internet was in an uproar.

"Have you guys watched Reapers Mask yet? Its really really very nice!"

"The male Ball was so handsome. I felt like I was turning into a lesbian. I didnt expect this drama would be so good to watch. I, a girl, was totally fascinated!"

"As a fan of detectives, I always thought that the countrys suspense dramas had no standard. It was either the actors skills who couldnt make it, or the reasoning plot was too rough. However, these two episodes of Reapers Mask had attracted me. Lin Wanwan surprised me too. I didnt expect an actress like her to take the lead, and the sense of harmony was not violated at all!"

"Im not a fan of anyone. Ill just say this objectively and in all fairness. Reapers Mask is definitely way better than The Consort!"

"Have you guys forgotten young Tangs sweepstakes? Quickly forward the comment!"

As heated discussions were ongoing among the netizens, a renowned person suddenly broke out a piece of shocking news.

"Latest news! According to the statistics from both major TV stations, the rating of Reapers Mask was 2.1 points higher than The Consort. Regarding the battle between the two lead actresses, Lin Wanwan had emerged victorious against Han Zixi!"

This news made Ball fans excited. The other passersby who had watched this drama also expressed that it was a matter of course.