Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 421

Chapter 421 Favorable Comments Like The Waves

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Han Zixis die-hard fans didnt feel good in their hearts. They quickly went over to her Weibo page to offer words of comfort.

However, Han Zixi never responded. After a long while, her company issued a statement.

It mentioned that Han Zixis acting skills were not mature yet and her character had yet to be honed. The company had decided to send her abroad for a few years.

All the insiders understood that this meant Han Zixi was going into hiding.

The entertainment circle could change a lot in a year. When Han Zixi returned, there would no longer be a place for her to stand in the entertainment circle in Xia country.

The next day, Lin Wanwan rushed to the production set and found that everyone was looking joyful. Director Jiang Zhiming saw her and happily waved to her.

"Wanwan, come over and take a seat!"

At this moment, Jiang Zhiming had a feeling of exaltation upon getting fulfillment as he said, "Have you heard? Our drama became the champion of TV ratings this year. The favorable comments kept coming like waves. Oh right, the manager of Jiangcheng TV station even called me personally to apologize. He even said he wanted to buy the second copyright broadcast!"

Lin Wanwan saw that he was boasting like a child and knew he had kept these grievances for too long. She smiled and asked, "Have you promised him?"

"How is that possible! Id rather not sell it. I wouldnt sell it to such a TV station with no moral integrity!"

Like a sidekick, Lin Wanwan gave a big thumbs up to signal a "like"!

In order to celebrate the achievements of the TV drama, Jiang Zhiming invited everyone to a five-star hotel for an extravagant meal.

As time flew past, the heat of the competition between the two TV dramas gradually subsided. Han Zixi was also being mentioned less and less.

The only thing that didnt subside but instead increased was probably the attention given to "Reapers Mask."

More and more people were recommending this small-budget TV series. A few professional critics praised that it was a dark horse. It had fought its way out inconspicuously and became one of the most outstanding shows in recent years.

As Lin Wanwan had played the role of Lu Li, she had once again let people both in and out of the entertainment circle to recognize her potential.

From Bai Xianxian to Ming Mei and now to Lu Li, she had not limited her own progress. Every character she played was different from the past, and it was more outstanding each time.

A day before school reopened, Lin Wanwan was filming with the production team.

As Ruan Baoer was feeling bored, she came over to see Lin Wanwan. Seeing that she was nestled lazily on the rocking chair and her face was a little pale, she could not help but ask, "Sister Ball, whats wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell?"

"Ive contracted a terminal illness where I will bleed for a few days each month but I wont die and only suffer from abdominal pains."

It turned out that her period was here.

"Then, drink more hot water."

Why were these words so familiar? They sounded like what a normal person would say.

Lin Wanwan snorted. "Such words of comfort are too weak."

After saying this, she stopped saying anything. She continued to nestle herself on the rocking chair and rocked back and forth.

Ruan Baoer saw that she was not even bickering with her anymore and knew that she was not in a good mood. After thinking for a while, she said, "Oh right, I saw that the number of fans on your Weibo had exceeded two million. Are you happy?"


Ruan Baoer racked her brains to think of topics. "Your drama has become so popular recently. Even the value of the show had gone up. I feel that although you are not up at the frontline now, you have definitely exceeded the second line."

"Still alright."

"" Ruan Baoer was at her wits end.

Lin Wanwan knew that she was trying to think of ways to cheer her up.

She always had such an irritable problem. Every time her period was here and her abdomen hurt, she would be in a super bad mood.

There was one time when Si Han infuriated her and she hit him until his own mother probably couldnt recognize him.