Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Showering Her With Red Packets

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"Baoer, Im fine. I just need to rest. You can head back first."

Before Ruan Baoer left, she looked at her for a long time before saying, "Then, you remember to drink more hot water."

" Ok."

Lin Wanwan waited for a while, but it was still not her turn to do her scenes yet. Thus, she took out her mobile and found Lu Zhanbeis WeChat.

He had coincidentally seen her chatting with Ruan Baoer using WeChat previously. He had followed suit and registered an account with the name Lu Zhanbei. The profile picture and information were left empty.

She clicked on the dialog box and sent a message over.

"Im unhappy." A pouting expression was added to the end of the message.

Lu Zhanbei did not reply.

Lin Wanwan repeated her words: "I said, Im unhappy!"

This message that was sent out was like a sinking stone in the sea.

This time, Lin Wanwan was really feeling a little unhappy.

He was actually ignoring his future girlfriend when she was in a bad mood. Bad rating!

Lin Wanwan furiously typed a line of words and was about to scold this man who was unromantic and had a bad attitude.

Suddenly, her mobile vibrated. A red packet appeared on top of the conversation page. The red packet even had a word on it.


After being in disbelief for a while, Lin Wanwan was shocked.

Lu Zhanbei actually sent over a red packet? He knew how to play this pretty well.

However, why did he send her a red packet out of the blue?

Lin Wanwan did not have the chance to ask him because Lu Zhanbei had sent another red packet over.

"Are you happy now?"


Lin Wanwan was confused. Was Lu Zhanbei using such a method to cheer her up?

He was really more of a doer than a speaker.

As she sighed, Lu Zhanbei sent another red packet over.

"Why are you not saying anything?"

Wow! He was addicted to sending red packets!

Lin Wanwan immediately edited her message and sent over: "Stop, stop, stop. I dont want red packets!"

Lu Zhanbei very quickly replied to the message using the same way of sending red packets.

"Then what do you want?"

"" She just wanted him to stop sending red packets immediately.

Looking at this screen full of red, Lin Wanwan felt that she had fallen into a shower of red packets and a trace of sweetness flashed past her heart.

She wanted to open all of them but, for some strange reason, she felt a little shy. It was like she was a young girl receiving a gift from her lover for the first time, and she felt embarrassed.

"Ill return everything to you after calculating the total amount. We are not even a couple right now. I dont want to spend your money."

Lu Zhanbei sent another red packet again and added: "Arent you curious how much I sent you?"

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

She had initially wanted to open these red packets. Upon hearing him say such words that kept her guessing, her curiosity hit the roof the next second.

She moved her finger across the screen. Just as she was about to open the red packet, Lu Zhanbei sent another one over.

"One more. The last one."

Lin Wanwan counted that there were a total of six red packets.

She simply could not suppress the curiosity in her heart and said: "Ill receive them first and see how much they are in total. Then, Ill transfer them back to you."

She then started to open them starting from the first red packet.

The first five were all 88.

The last one was 80.

Lin Wanwan was a little shocked and confused.

The wealthy Lu Zhanbei actually didnt send the largest amount in the red packet but those few numbers instead.

Until Lin Wanwan tried to add these numbers together

88 multiplied by 5 plus 80. That was equal to5201.

Lin Wanwan widened her eyes incredulously. At this moment, Lu Zhanbei sent a message appropriately and didnt use the method of sending red packets.

"Now, are you happy?"