Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 423

Chapter 423 Lu Zhanbei And Ball Were More Compatible

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Lin Wanwan felt as if fireworks had exploded before her. Every piece of splendor was an ultimate surprise.

Oh, had his genes changed? When did he become so fun?!

Her bad mood was swept away. Lin Wanwan wanted to say something to express the excitement in her heart. However, as she was too excited, she accidentally punched in a few random characters.

Glutinous Ball that wears the halo of Mary Sue: “%[email protected]#$!”

Lu Zhanbei: “ What did you want to express?”

Lin Wanwan laughed, picked a sticker from her expression bag, and sent it over. It was a picture of a rabbit kissing another rabbit.

Lu Zhanbei: “Did you brush your teeth in the morning?”

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes and felt that everything before this was just an illusion. This man was still a killjoy like before.

“I didn’t! Why? Are you not going to return the kiss?”

If he dared say yes, then she wouldn’t let him take advantage of her anymore in the future.

In the end, Lu Zhanbei didn’t reply after a very long time. Just when Lin Wanwan could no longer tolerate it and wanted to poke him again, she realized he had changed his WeChat name.

The male god who eats glutinous Ball.

Erm, this was definitely a name that was both narcissistic and an eyesore.

Lin Wanwan was still in a mess when Lu Zhanbei sent a new message over.

“I even dare to eat you, let alone kiss. That’s all I could wish for.”

At the end of the message, he even added a small character with the look of a fangirl.

“” This big hooligan!

However, upon thinking that he was usually elegant and serious, it was really a big contrast since he actually sent such an image.

Lin Wanwan’s lips curved slightly: “I’ll accept the red packets. It is impolite not to reciprocate. Let me show you how I feel too.”

She sent Lu Zhanbei two red packets.

Lu Zhanbei opened them and saw that one was 120 and one was 130.

Adding them together

Glutinous Ball that wears the halo of Mary Sue: “This is the image of you in my heart. I heard that Lu Zhanbei and2501are quite compatible. Haha!”

At this point in time, in the board room at the Global Building

The atmosphere in the room was solemn and tense. The oval-shaped conference table was surrounded by men dressed in suits and leather shoes.

All of them had a serious expression and looked like elites. Their eyes subconsciously turned towards the man who was sitting at the head of the table.

They saw him curving his lips slightly and smiling. His look was so unfathomable that they felt more perturbed by the moment.

Boss had always only used his mobile as a communication tool. Now, he’d actually been looking at it for such a long time. Did something incredible happen?

Suddenly, Lu Zhanbei let out a low laugh. Everyone could feel his emotions.

Everyone had a little spasm and their expressions were one of shock, as if they had seen a ghost.

Boss actually laughed out loud what joyous news had made him so happy?

Could it be that there was another bull market? Or did a branch company in another country dominate the market?

Everyone looked at one another with puzzled looks on their faces.

Only Gu Mo, who was standing behind Lu Zhanbei, swept his eyes across this group of high-intelligence management with a look of disdain.

What an ignorant bunch of humans. He didn’t even have to guess to know that Sir was flirting with Lin Wanwan.

After sending a message over, Lu Zhanbei knew that he had delayed for quite some time and put down his mobile. He knocked on the surface of the table and regained his usual indifferent look.


On the other end, Lin Wanwan was laughing as she was overwhelmed with joy. Jiang Zhiming called her, “Wanwan, it’s your turn!”

“Coming!” Lin Wanwan responded, then glanced at her mobile.

There was a new message from Lu Zhanbei: “I feel that Lu Zhanbei and Ball are more compatible.”