Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 424

Chapter 424 I Dont Mind You Calling Me Baby

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Lin Wanwan smiled until her eyebrows curved. She hurriedly typed a line of words and clicked send.

"Im going to film my scenes. Lets chat again when free. Bye."

She placed the mobile back into her pocket. She felt alive!

The next day was the day school reopened. Lin Wanwan carried a backpack and headed to school early in the morning.

As soon as she appeared on campus, she immediately attracted everyones attention. Some of them stopped by and looked at her. Some bolder students took the initiative and greeted her.

"Wanwan, I have seen the Reapers Mask you acted in. Its really super nice. Can you give me your signature? Please, please!"

"Sure. However, I can only give you my signature when I reach the classroom."

"No problem. Thank you."

After that, Lin Wanwan encountered a lot of people who wanted a photo with her or a signature. She promised if she could and politely rejected if she couldnt.

The journey was supposed to be only a few minutes. However, because of the students enthusiasm, she took half an hour to reach the classroom. One could tell that her popularity now was different from before.

She did not have time to heave a sigh of relief because, suddenly, a sweet-looking girl with long hair suddenly blocked her way. She handed over a pink letter and glanced shyly at her.

"Ball, I like you."


Lin Wanwan was stunned.

Besides Lu Zhanbei, the first person who had confessed to her in this lifetime was actually a young girl?

The girl looked at her like a fangirl and said, "Ball, youre really handsome with short hair. Do you lack a girlfriend? The kind who was a class belle before and is in the top three for grades."

Lin Wanwan opened her mouth and said, "Schoolmate"

"I dont mind you calling me Baby."

Regardless of how strong Lin Wanwans psychological quality was, she still didnt know how she should respond.

Especially when she heard other students kicking up a fuss, she felt that it was more of a headache. She tactfully expressed that she was female and loved males and that she was still young so she wasnt planning to fall in love.

The girl who was rejected didnt feel dejected either. Before leaving, she even clenched her fists and said valiantly, "I wont give up!"

The students who witnessed this scene laughed until they rocked forwards and backwards. Some of Lin Wanwans female classmates even joked and said, "Wanwan, its better if you keep a long hair. The girls really cant hold back with your current look. Im really worried that I will treat you as Lu Li and couldnt help but fall in love with you."

"It looks like Fu Zhinian has to hand over the throne for the most handsome person on campus to Lin Wanwan."

"Fu Zhinian is already crying badly in the washroom."

Everyone was enthusiastically kicking up a fuss when, at this moment, a cold voice sounded.

"Excuse me."

A burgundy-haired teenager wearing black clothes walked in expressionlessly. That sense of foreboding evil and coldness was chilling to the bones.

Fu Zhinian!

Seeing that everyone was instantly scared pale, Lin Wanwan rubbed her lips and smiled.Say it. If you dare to, then continue saying it.

Lin Wanwan took this opportunity to return to her seat. After that, Fu Zhinian sat next to her.

Seeing that his look was colder as compared to the previous semester, Lin Wanwan comforted him out of kindness, "Dont be sad. Im just a little more handsome than you are. I wont fight with you for the position of the most handsome person on campus."

"Are you an idiot?" Fu Zhinian tilted his head. Those pupils that were much deeper in color than the average persons reflected her face. His tone was without any temperature.

Lin Wanwan blew her hair with some grievance. He still scolded her when she comforted him. He really wronged a kind-hearted person!

The headmaster, Teacher Yu, walked in. She used this period to hold a class meeting.

This was their last semester of high school. Not long later, they would be facing the college entrance examinations.