Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Why Are You Not Blushing?

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Teacher Yu said a lot of words of encouragement. When the bell rang, she waved her hand and got the students to take out their textbooks.

Although the workload for this semester was much heavier, Lin Wanwans life track had no changes.

She attended school on weekdays and filmed on weekends.

There were two unit stories left for "Reapers Mask." Lin Wanwan filmed them with high proficiency, and no mistake occurred anywhere.

There were more and more people who were chasing the drama. The ratings rose higher and higher too and broke several records at once. The online word of mouth was getting better as well.

One and a half months later, the filming of "Reapers Mask" ended.

Jiang Zhiming especially held a banquet. All the important people in the production team attended it.

Lin Wanwan was busy eating when Jiang Zhiming, who drank until his face was flushed red, walked over. He raised a cup to her and said emotionally, "Wanwan, at least 80% of the credit goes to you for the success of our drama. Today, let me use this glass of wine to express my gratitude to you!"

Lin Wanwan hurriedly put down her chopsticks. "If it was not for the quality of the script itself, it would have been useless regardless of how good my acting was. My popularity has increased because of this too. I should be the one to thank you."

She poured a glass of fruit juice. "I dont drink alcohol so Ill use juice instead. Heres to you."

Upon hearing this, other members of the production team started to persuade her fervently.

"Wanwan, its so rare that everyones so happy today. Dont be a killjoy!"

"Thats right. Here. Everyone, cheers!"

Lin Wanwan frowned. Drinking alcohol would trigger her drug addiction. She naturally couldnt touch any alcohol.

However, the atmosphere tonight was so good and so many people were kicking up a fuss. If she refused too hard, it would inevitably cause dissatisfaction.

As she felt that things were being made difficult for her, a lazy voice drifted over. "Whats the point of drinking alcohol with someone who doesnt drink? Why dont I accompany you guys?"

Everyone was shocked and turned their heads.

A slender young man wearing a casual dark gray suit could be seen pushing the door and entering.

He naturally inserted a hand into the back pocket of his trousers. His peach-shaped eyes quickly swept past unfamiliar faces, and his gaze finally landed on Lin Wanwan.

The moment he saw her, his lips curved into a smile and it was eye-catching.


Sounds of sucking in cold breaths of air could be heard inside the room. Jiang Zhiming became more sober instantly too.

Other people were shocked. Why was Tang Chen here?

Could it be because

Indeed, Tang Chen headed straight towards Lin Wanwan and stood behind her.

A hand casually landed on her shoulder and her upper body leaned down. He whispered into her ear in a very ambiguous manner, "Dear, long time no see."

Although Lin Wanwan had the impulse to punch him, she could only swallow it down in public. She pushed away his claws.

"Young Tang, why are you here?"

"Because I miss you to the extent that I cant eat well and I cant sleep well. I even dream about you at night. In the nights without you by my side, the paper towels at my home get consumed very quickly."

Tang Chen sighed and looked as if he was troubled by love and inextricably bogged down.

Lin Wanwan was speechless. Was he sure he was seriously making a confession and not making a dirty joke?

"Chuckle!" Someone laughed out loud, obviously understanding the meaning behind these words.

However, Lin Wanwan was as calm as ever. She rolled her eyes at him and said, "Didnt you say you want to accompany us in drinking? Why are you standing there? Take a seat."

Tang Chen pulled out the chair and sat next to her. His expression was a little strange as he asked, "Why are you not blushing?"