Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 426

Chapter 426 Lin Wanwan Refused To Be The Third Party

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The corners of Lin Wanwans eyes twitched. "What kind of problem is there? Why should I blush?"

Tang Chen didnt say anything further. He dug out his mobile and logged on to a certain forum. He clicked open a thread with the following title: "Welfare post! Say these words to your girlfriend often and I guarantee that she would love you to bits and pieces."

He posted a comment below the thread.

"Ive already verified it. These words are purely nonsensical."

The person who originally posted this was probably unwilling to take this lying down and immediately replied to Tang Chen.

"Buddy, these dirty-minded and passionate words of mine are 100% effective. However, the premise is that the girl you like must like you too. If not, even if you were to press her onto the bed and have a round of sex, she wouldnt blush and would only sue you for rape!"

Tang Chens face fell, and the mobile became slightly out of shape because of his pinch.

Sensing his strange expression, Lin Wanwan was confused. "Whats wrong with you again?"

Tang Chen glanced at her. His eyes were cold. "Nothing. I just suddenly want to kill someone."

"" Was this god of plague turning into a pervert? Lin Wanwan nearly wanted to call the police.

"Lets go!" Tang Chen suddenly stood up and grabbed Lin Wanwans wrist.

As Lin Wanwan struggled, she shouted in anger, "Why are you being crazy? The celebration has not ended. I cant leave!"

"Oh?" Tang Chen raised his eyebrow. His gaze landed on Jiang Zhiming. He gave a charming yet dangerous smile. "Can she leave?"

Jiang Zhiming trembled and nodded. "Yes, yes, yes. It has to be a yes. Young Tang, please do as you wish!"

Lin Wanwan looked at Jiang Zhiming, exasperated at his failure to be capable. Seeing that he was so frightened that he turned pale, she could understand the fear he had for Tang Chen.

"Fine, Ill leave!" Lin Wanwan took big strides and walked out dragging Tang Chen.

When she finds an opportunity, she was definitely going to throw two punches at this pervert!

Both of them left the reserved room. Lin Wanwan didnt forget to close the door to cut off everyones strange gazes.

She flung away Tang Chens hand. "Tell me, what exactly do you want?"

Tang Chen squinted both eyes without any clear meaning.

He wanted to see if it was really like what that person had said. If he pinned Lin Wanwan down on the bed, would she blush and would she sue him?!

Lin Wanwan felt goosebumps up her scalp due to his ambiguous gaze.

From a womans sixth sense, she intuited a deep sense of danger and wanted to flee.

His eyes sharp, Tang Chen had already buckled her wrists with agile movements. Following his fierce tug, Lin Wanwan fell forward uncontrollably.

Seeing that she was about to fall into his embrace, a slender body suddenly flashed over and blocked in front of Lin Wanwan.

Thus, Tang Chen hugged that body. As he lifted his head, his eyes met a pair of familiar eyes.

"Young Tang has quite a heavy taste."


Tang Chen resolutely loosened his grip and retreated three steps. He looked at Lu Zhanbei, who was standing opposite him with a teasing expression but extremely cold eyes.

After being silent for a while, Tang Chen half-laughed and said, "Well said. Even if my taste is heavy, it cant be compared to Mr. Lu who would take the initiative to throw yourself into my arms."

Lin Wanwan was shocked by this scene. Hearing the two of them having an ambiguous verbal battle, she weakly raised her hand. "Ah, I refuse to be the third party. If both of you are really in that kind of relationship, I can step out."

Upon hearing this, Lu Zhanbei and Tang Chen yelled at the same time.

"Shut up!"

"Shut up!"

Lin Wanwan was stunned at first. Then, she lowered her head in sadness. "Oh, indeed. Both of you are the destined other half in each others life. I I"