Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 427

Chapter 427 After I Kill Lu Zhanbei You Are Mine

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She covered her face and looked absolutely heartbroken. She was about to burst into tears when Lu Zhanbei grabbed her waist.

"Lin Wanwan, are you addicted to acting?"

"Oh" She was exposed.

Lin Wanwan gave an awkward laugh out of embarrassment. "Why are you here?"

"To fetch you."

"Oh, then lets go quickly."

When Lu Zhanbei appeared, she had already sensed the collision between two powerful individuals, him and Tang Chen.

If they stayed any longer, she didnt know what hair-raising things might happen.

Hearing the two of them asking and answering questions, Tang Chens smile remained. However, his eyes had turned cold. "Lin Wanwan, are you together with Lu Zhanbei?"

Lu Zhanbei took the initiative and replied plainly, "Yes."

As if declaring his sovereignty, he hugged Lin Wanwan even tighter.

There was a moment of ruthlessness that flashed past Tang Chens eyes. Even Lin Wanwan could feel that strong murderous intent.

Lu Zhanbei took his time and even teased in a leisurely tone, "If you want to sow discord between us, now is the best chance."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. "Sow discord? What do you mean?"

Tang Chen said playfully, "Lu Zhanbei, do I look like a fool to you?"

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "A little."

Tang Chen smiled coldly and looked towards Lin Wanwan. "Lu Zhanbei liked a woman for a very long time in the past. She was also in the entertainment circle, and she died in a car accident. Lin Wanwan, you should have heard her name before too. Lin Xiao. Her character is also similar to yours."

Lin Wanwan listened until she was confused. Tang Chen actually knew that Lu Zhanbei liked Lin Xiao?

So he planned to use this incident to drive a wedge between her and Lu Zhanbei?

It was a pity he made the wrong move.

Even if she only learned about the truth today, that Lu Zhanbei liked Lin Xiao, she would have burst into joy. What more when Lu Zhanbei had already told her everything.

Lin Wanwan was about to say something when Tang Chen suddenly changed the topic.

"Of course, I know that Lu Zhanbei would have already told you the truth. However, even though he had already shifted his love to another person, traces of other women are still left in his heart. Unlike me, both my mind and body will only belong to you alone."

As he said these words, he threw a flirtatious look at her.

"" Lin Wanwan was so disgusted that she didnt know how to react.

Tang Chen was really clever. From Lu Zhanbeis words, he could guess that he had already taken the initiative and came clean about Lin Xiao.

It if was someone else, feelings of estrangement might have been developed after hearing such words.

It was a pity Tang Chen had miscalculated something.

Lin Wanwan was Lin Xiao.

Lu Zhanbei laughed. "Calling me out in front of me? Tang Chen, have you lost your conscience to a dog?"

Tang Chen gave him a look of hatred. "As long as the beauty is in my hands, I can even do away with face, let alone damn morals."

Upon hearing this, even Lu Zhanbei admired him for being so thick-skinned.

Tang Chen winked at Lin Wanwan and smiled flirtatiously. "Consider it. Im much cleaner than Lu Zhanbei. You wont regret choosing me."


Lin Wanwan was about to say something when Lu Zhanbei got irritated and didnt want to quarrel with Tang Chen anymore.

"Theres nothing much to consider. Lin Wanwan is already my girlfriend. If youre capable, you can try and snatch her away."

He didnt like that Lin Wanwans gaze always landed on other men. A trace of warning was mixed with his tone of indifference.

It was as if Tang Chen couldnt sense the coldness in his tone as he smiled and nodded. "Ok. I like this request."

He looked towards Lin Wanwan. "Do you still remember what I said to you before? After I kill Lu Zhanbei, you are mine."