Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 428

Chapter 428 Jealous King Lu

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Lin Wanwans heart jumped.

Although Tang Chen had a smile on his face, that pair of cold eyes was telling her

He wasnt joking.

Could it be he really had feelings for her?

Although Tang Chen used to say half-jokingly that he liked her, she never thought it was real. She only thought that Tang Chen was just using her to make Lu Zhanbei jealous.

However, she suddenly wasnt sure now.

Lu Zhanbei never looked at Tang Chen again. With Lin Wanwan in his arms, he turned and left.

As he watched their back views disappear, Tang Chens eyes were sullen.

It looked like his sowing discord had failed. No knots formed in Lin Wanwans heart because of those words.

Although he didnt think about using this point to sow discord between the two from the start, he was still curious why Lin Wanwan didnt mind.

If it was another woman, even if she could accept these words, she would at least still feel a little uncomfortable in her heart.

After thinking to himself for a while, a glimmer of imperativeness flashed past Tang Chens eyes.

The woman he liked was just so different.

Since he liked her, there was naturally no reason for him to give her up just like that!

When it came to Lin Wanwan, he no longer had the mentality to continue playing games with Lu Zhanbei.

"Lu Zhanbei, from this moment on, the war between you and me has officially started!"

After getting on the car, Lin Wanwan could not help but ask, "Is this really good?"

It was as if Lu Zhanbei didnt understand what she meant. "Ah?"

"Im referring to you and Tang Chen."

Lu Zhanbei said plainly, "We can be friends at times. However, most of the time, we are enemies. If I find an opportunity, I wont go easy on him."

Lin Wanwan thought that this sentence was quite familiar. It seemed that Tang Chen had said these words before too.

She was in deep thoughts when Lu Zhanbeis sinister voice sounded. "You still dare to think of other men in front of me. Are you looking for a beating?"

Lin Wanwan knew that he got jealous easily and rolled her eyes at him. "I just feel that both of you have been frenemies for so long. Even if there isnt any reason for you guys to develop any form of positive feelings, its a pity if both of you really fall out with each other."

Upon hearing this, Lu Zhanbei looked at her fixedly. Lin Wanwan felt uncomfortable with his stare.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

Lu Zhanbei said in a slightly deep voice, "If you continue to put in a good word for Tang Chen, before taking care of him, I dont mind taking care of you."

Lin Wanwan concurred completely and raised her hands to surrender. "Ok, ok, ok. Jealous King Lu. I wont say anything anymore!"

Although she didnt really like Tang Chen, these matters were independent of each other. Tang Chen had helped her a couple of times. She sincerely felt that it would be a pity if these two people became enemies.

"Lets go. I want to return to the condominium to see Baoer."

Lu Zhanbei started the car and left the clubhouse.

Along the way, Lu Zhanbei chatted with her.

"Whats your plan next? Film a movie or continue doing TV dramas?"

"Im not planning to accept other scripts for now. Director Tan Zhiyue called me two days ago and said that the preparatory work for The Distance Just For You is almost done and wanted me to leave my schedule vacant."

Lu Zhanbeis eyes flashed. "Youre quite free recently?"



Lu Zhanbei curved his lips and was about to continue speaking when Lin Wanwan enthusiastically interrupted, "However, I plan to do a variety show. I can earn money while doing that. If my performance is good enough, I can also accumulate popularity. Its not worse off than filming."

Lu Zhanbei frowned and responded plainly.

Lin Wanwan didnt notice his strange look. Before getting off the car, she stretched out both arms and grabbed Lu Zhanbeis slender neck.