Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 429

Chapter 429 Four Starlets

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“I like the way you comforted me using red packets the other time. As such, the queen has decided to reward you.”

After saying this, she gave a big “mua~” on his face.

After kissing him, this young girl ran away. Looking at her back view, Lu Zhanbei touched his cheek and his eyebrows became gentle.

Even though she couldn’t accompany him all the time, as long as she had him in her heart, that was enough.

Lin Wanwan didn’t know that her casual kiss had made someone’s dejection disappear. When she returned to the condominium, she saw that although the interior was not considered clean and tidy, there was twice the improvement compared to the dumpster she had seen every time she was there.

“Baoer, you finally became capable.” She gave a big thumbs up.

Ruan Baoer lifted her chin arrogantly. “I am very smart. As long as I want to learn something, there is nothing I can’t learn.”

Lin Wanwan could not help but smile. Seeing that the house was not in a mess, she was relieved.

Today was a Saturday. Lin Wanwan didn’t return to school and stayed with Ruan Baoer for the night.

Ruan Baoer lay sprawled on the bed with a piece of mask on her face. Her small exposed mouth kept chattering, “Sister Ball, you haven’t been online recently. You shouldn’t know that you’re up on the hot searches again for the past few days, right?”

Lin Wanwan really didn’t know about it. “What hot search?”

“You were identified by the media as one of the four starlets!”

Lin Wanwan was now a little more interested. “Was this an online review by Changqing media?”


Changqing media was formed by a group of media reporters, drama critics, film critics, and other professionals.

They had brought about all kinds of craze every year. They were considered more convincing and were more easily accepted by the public.

Although Lin Wanwan’s qualifications were lesser, every film she was in had great box office sales and TV ratings. The characters she played also left a deep impression on the audience.

Coupled with the recent broadcast of “Reaper’s Mask,” the attention on her had rapidly increased and she barely squeezed herself in as one of the four starlets.

Ruan Baoer rolled over, laughed, and said, “Your value and status have increased again. Please provide for me!”

Lin Wanwan cooperated by lifting her chin and smiling flirtatiously. “What do you have that makes you worthy for me to provide for you?”

Ruan Baoer thought for a while, then proudly thrust her chest forward. “It’s especially comfortable touching me. Haven’t you tried it before too?”

With regards to this, Lin Wanwan was unable to refute.

Both of them laughed for a while. Lin Wanwan opened her notebook and checked what variety shows were in preparation recently.

After searching for a long time, she didn’t manage to pick anything she liked. She wanted to ask for Si Han’s opinion, but she was worried he would disagree to her participating in them.

Suddenly, her eyes shone. She seemed to have recalled something. She logged on to Weibo and opened her personal chat.

Not many people in the entertainment circle knew that Si Han was her manager. Thus, if someone were to find her for cooperation opportunities, it could only be via personal chat.

Lin Wanwan wanted to look if there was any variety show that had invited her to be a guest.

95% of a large number of unread mail in her personal chat was from fans and anti-fans. Lin Wanwan patiently checked for a long time and found some that were pretty useful.

One look at them and she had her eyes on two variety shows “Appreciating Good Food” and “King of Limits.”

The former sounded very appetizing and was very suitable for her eating physique.

The latter was an outdoor reality show. The first season was broadcast last year and it was very popular. The new season was in the midst of preparation and some members would be changed away.

Netizens were all looking forward to the return of the King. If she could perform outstandingly in this show, the popularity gained would be immeasurable.


She could only choose one between good food and popularity.